Best Nespresso Capsules

Best Nespresso Capsules

For those who don’t want to go through all our reviews to know which capsules to buy, we thought it would be useful to have a single place where you can know what capsule is best for what you are looking for, and go straight to buy it without fearing of being deluded.

Obviously, the “best” is very much subjective so we will list instead the “best” Nespresso capsules for a specific feature, be it a flavour or a recipe or a cup size. That will give you an idea what capsules is best for what you like to usually drink.

This list is obviously subject to change with time and as new capsules become available. Do suggest us different flavours or your preferences and we will be glad to add another category to this post.

Best Nespresso Capsule for Intensity

Quite a long offer of intense capsules by Nespresso. These are just the most intense ones:

Best Nespresso Capsule for a Bitter Espresso

Many capsules are somewhat bitter but these are markedly so:

Best Nespresso Capsule for Latte/Cappuccino

Theoretically all capsules can be drank with milk but only a few can balance well the milk and coffee tastes together. These are our top recommendations but your personal taste here plays a bigger role so your mileage may greatly vary:

Best Crema in a Nespresso Capsule

Best Nespresso Capsule for a Gentle, Easy Cup of Coffee

Most Nespresso capsules are either intense or of medium intensity. Thus, not many choices but these are definitely light cups, for an easy drinking experience:

Best Nespresso Capsule for Lungo

Best Nespresso Capsule for Iced Coffee

Any capsule may work as an Iced Coffee but only a few work best so. These are the ones which we find the best to drink with ice:

Sweetest Nespresso Capsule

Best Nespresso Capsule for Italian/French Espresso Lovers

A mix of dark roast, bitter, intense and low acidity makes a typical italian/french espresso cup. These are the Nespresso capsules that most closely approach such definition:

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