Liminha Over Ice Review

  • Origin: Arabica beans from Indonesia and Kenya, among the others.
  • Roasting: 3

A flavored limited edition capsule, in the Barista Creations line.

Light brown foam. A coffee with a stark mint aroma, decidedly intense. Some lime can be smelled as well but the mint overwhelms everything else, included the typical coffee aroma notes.

A medium-bodied pod. Slightly more bitter at the taste that the aroma would have suggested. It is a largely acidic capsule, heavy on a citrusy acidity. Clearly the lime flavoring shows here by enhancing this aspect of the beans.

At the taste, despite the well-present lime notes, the mint remains the strongest flavor, especially in the aftertaste.

A generally low intensity pod. Smooth mouthful and crema, which lasts a good while.

Drank hot, as a suggested espresso-sized coffee, it is markedly acidic, a bit bitter, and barely sweet. The lime and mint combo overcome all the other flavors that could have come from the actual coffee, making it a very “un-coffee” pod.

Drank cold, over ice, as intended by Nespresso, the lime-mint pair is balanced. The acidity gets dulled by the ice and melted water, while the bitterness remains the same. Thus Liminha when drank with ice is a lot more balanced, with acidity and bitterness being on equal terms, as the lime and mint flavors.

Liminha is a greatly refreshing iced coffee and a perfect base for a tonic espresso, if not a lot of coffee notes are desired. More a coffee drink rather than a straight coffee.

Liminha Over Ice package
Liminha Over Ice package

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  • Richard Jones

    The worst coffee I have purchased from Nespresso, the mint is way too strong, ordered 2 sleeves, both now in the bin

    • Nespresso Guide

      Have you had it as an iced coffee, maybe with some added tonic water? We find that it is not a “regular” coffee at all, and only really enjoyable as a coffee drink rather than black or with milk.

    • Cindy

      Oh my, in the BIN!?! I love it iced with fresh mint from my herb garden and lime zest…..Amazing!!! You should have saved it for guests who enjoy mint and lime. I added Wholesome Yum’s Keto vanilla coffee syrup for perfect iced coffee with no guilt and hands above Starbucks !!

    • Akin Arif

      Absolutely disgusting! Tastes like chewing on a lime peel. This is a lot more than “a bit bitter” I’m debating on tossing it or just trying to tough my way through it. If you’re looking for good iced coffee option, stick with the feddo delicato. That one is surprisingly good. You can add the lime-mint flavours to that if you really want that

    • Ane

      I love it!!
      My favourite way of preparing it is over ice cubes with cold foamed milk, a lime slice, a bit of cane sugar and fresh mint leaves

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