Cape Town Envivo Lungo

Cape Town Envivo Lungo Review

  • Origin: dark roasted Indian Arabica and washed Mexican Robusta.
  • Intensity: 10
  • Bitterness: 4
  • Acidity: 1
  • Body: 4
  • Roasting: 5

The new 2021 blend for the classic Envivo Lungo that looks at Cape Town as inspiration for its renewed taste profile.

Dark brown foam. Not a coffee with an intense aroma. Nuts, walnuts primarily, are the main characteristic of the smell, along with a distinct woodiness. Definitely a dark roasted coffee.

More intense at the taste, full of caramel, liquorice but devoid of any sweetness. Dry, with a full body. At lower temperatures most of the characteristics of a dark roast and Robusta beans show: malt, wood, and bitterness prevail, little acidity, a strong, malty, aftertaste. A typical woody dryness becomes the major flavor as the coffee cools down. Malt, nuts, liquorice and caramel are present but only as accompanying partners, not easily noticeable.

This capsule offers little to no acidity and sweetness. It is definitely an unidirectional coffee: intense, dark, straight. Best enjoyed with a splash of milk.

One of the strongest tasting coffee from Nespresso. Not to be drank to relax or think but for a strong, exciting, drinking experience.

Cape Town Envivo Lungo package
Cape Town Envivo Lungo package

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