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Ispirazione Venezia review

Nespresso Ispirazione Venezia
  • Origin: a blend of a classic Brazilian Arabica with high-grown Arabica from Colombia and a washed Robusta from Africa.
  • Intensity: 8
  • Roasting: 4
  • Order: Buy Ispirazione Venezia capsules

A revamped version of the Café Venezia of 2019, to join the Ispirazione Italiana line.

Brown foam. Sweet, biscuit-like, aroma. A medium cup, not much acidic, no specific notes prevail but for a light biscuit/caramel flavour. Good intensity overall, a slightly bitter aftertaste. Somewhat salty too, especially at lower temperatures when the bitterness subsides. Quite a balanced cup, which sits in the middle of the Original Line offer with perhaps the hope to be appreciated by all types of coffee lovers.

Ispirazione Venezia package
Ispirazione Venezia package

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Ispirazione Venezia review

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