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    Ispirazione Venezia review

    Origin: a blend of a classic Brazilian Arabica with high-grown Arabica from Colombia and a washed Robusta from Africa. Intensity: 8 Roasting: 4 Order: Buy Ispirazione Venezia capsules at Amazon A revamped version of the Café Venezia of 2019, to join the Ispirazione Italiana line. Brown foam. Sweet, biscuit-like, aroma. A medium cup, not much acidic, no specific notes prevail but for a light biscuit/caramel flavour. Good intensity overall, a slightly bitter aftertaste. Somewhat salty too, especially at lower temperatures when the bitterness subsides. Quite a balanced cup, which sits in the middle of the Original Line offer with perhaps the hope to be appreciated by all types of coffee…

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    New Ispirazione Italiana line is available

    The rebranding of capsules we announced a while ago is live in most european countries (not yet US it seems). There’s also a short presentation video for the new line. Nespresso seems to have taken inspiration from italian coffee by matching the darker roasts to southern cities, like Napoli and Palermo, and progressively going to lighter ones as you travel north through the italian peninsula. We doubt this actually reflects the preferences of italians as distributed in the cities giving the name to the new line though. An oversimplification for marketing reasons.

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    Rebranding of some capsules

    According to various sources (Nespresso Uk website and the newsletter), there will be a rebranding of some original line capsules and a welcome return. In short: Dharkan is being phased out in favour of “Ispirazione Napoli“. This will be a different blend with a different profile. Kazaar is being renamed as “Ispirazione Palermo“. Ristretto will be named “Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano”. Arpeggio will be named “Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio“. Roma will change only the name in “Ispirazione Roma“. Livanto will undergo a rebranding to “Ispirazione Genova Livanto“. Café Venezia will make a return as “Ispirazione Venezia” with an updated flavour profile: Nespresso claims it will have notes of sweet caramel with an…