Rebranding coming for the Lungo capsules

Rumors have it that a new rebranding is coming for some capsules. This time, for the Lungo ones, Envivo, Fortissio, Vivalto and Linizio. They should be called:

  • Cape Town Envivo Lungo
  • Stockholm Fortissio Lungo
  • Vienna Linizio Lungo
  • Tokyo Vivalto Lungo

Thus following the same mold of the Ispirazione Italiana, each of these capsules should become “inspired” by the cities in the name. The capsules will have a slightly different look, keeping only the same color as before.

Update: the rebranding will also involve changing the taste profile of the capsules.

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  • Pchelyakov Alexander

    Now it’s known that it is not only rebranding, but reblending. Tokyo Vivalto Lungo does not have Brazilian and Colombian green roasted coffee blended with Ethiopian one, but instead it has Mexican with Ethiopian. Shame, as I believe Colombian and Brazilian arabicas we’re giving me a reason to enjoy Vivalto blend.

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