Rebranding coming for the Lungo capsules

Rumors have it that a new rebranding is coming for some capsules. This time, for the Lungo ones, Envivo, Fortissio, Vivalto and Linizio. They should be called:

  • Cape Town Envivo Lungo
  • Stockholm Fortissio Lungo
  • Vienna Linizio Lungo
  • Tokyo Vivalto Lungo

Thus following the same mold of the Ispirazione Italiana, each of these capsules should become “inspired” by the cities in the name. The capsules will have a slightly different look, keeping only the same color as before.

Update: the rebranding will also involve changing the taste profile of the capsules.

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  • Pchelyakov Alexander

    Now it’s known that it is not only rebranding, but reblending. Tokyo Vivalto Lungo does not have Brazilian and Colombian green roasted coffee blended with Ethiopian one, but instead it has Mexican with Ethiopian. Shame, as I believe Colombian and Brazilian arabicas we’re giving me a reason to enjoy Vivalto blend.

    • Andrew

      I ordered a sleeve each of Cape Town and Stockholm but when I looked in my bag I received the old Envivo and Fortissimo sleeves. Your literature says the flavours are changed so u have me the wrong sleeves.

  • Sue

    Every time I find one I love you stop them and bring out a new range I understand the need to keep a fresh approach but it’s killing my taste buds . Can’t find a good replacement for Vivaldi lingo it’s not just the intensity and definitely not the pod colour that matters please help

    • Nespresso Guide

      Most definitely Nespresso isn’t going to stop renewing their pods line and introducing new flavors. It’s part of what defines Nespresso since many decades now. Sorry that the new Lungo capsules aren’t to your liking.

      • Douglas Dole

        You are losing a customer here. Vivalto was by far my favorite flavor. You “NewCoke” marketing strategy sucks. people devolpe likes for certain blends and changing them like this is a terrible idea. Consistency matters in brand loyaty but in sure this is some lousy cost saving ploy. Shame.

        • Nespresso Guide

          You may want to complain to Nespresso as we are not affiliated with the company in any way, so “we” are not losing a customer. Sorry that Vivalto was you favorite capsule and it is changing. Have you tried the new one already?

          In defense of Nespresso though, the brand has always changed from time to time the flavors of capsules and discontinued some while introducing new ones. It is not a new strategy and actually is part of what was the initial idea when the Nespresso club was introduced, more than 30 years ago: an ever-changing number of coffee flavors to choose from. It goes without saying that not all flavors are well-made nor appreciated.

  • Sam

    Sadly, with the reblending, not only have you changed your most balanced flavor profile lungo – Vivalto … you have also eliminated the decaf version of it WITHOUT ANY REPLACEMENT. Your decaf range is now so limited it is a little sad. Is there a plan to expand your decaf line?

    • Nespresso Guide

      Hi, you should ask that question to the official Nespresso’s channels as we are not affiliated with Nespresso and wouldn’t know whether there are plans to expand the decaf line in the immediate future or not.

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