Nespresso World Explorations new series

In related news to the rebranding of the Lungo capsules, they will make part of a new series, called “World Explorations”, that is inspired by various cities around the world. There will be a total of 6 capsules in this new collection, namely:

  • Tokyo Vivalto Lungo: the new Vivalto Lungo
  • Vienna Linizio Lungo: the new Linizio Lungo
  • Stockholm Fortissio Lungo: the new Fortissio Lungo
  • Cape Town Envivo Lungo: the new Envivo Lungo
  • Buenos Aires Lungo: a popcorn-like aroma for a mild capsule inspired to Buenos Aires
  • Shanghai Lungo: an Arabica blend from China

Most probably the old capsules that are being rebranded will have a different taste profile too, as it happened with the Ispirazione Italiana line. The new capsules are already available in some markets, with an official world launch set for tomorrow, 19/01.

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