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    The controversial Nordic Cloudberry

    Nordic Cloudberry is fast becoming one of the most controversial capsules ever released by Nespresso. While some like it, it’s a light cup with a pungent berry aroma, many utterly dislike it to the point of giving it away. Personally I believe it’s a weak flavour. The whole Nordic-inspired line of capsules is particularly weak, born out more of the need for Nespresso to get the approval of the lighter, 3rd wave coffee enthusiasts and Scandinavian customers than actually being quality capsules. While the Nordic Black is a weaker version of the old Paris Black and the Nordic Almond Cake is less sweet, more delicate, than a Praline, the Nordic…

  • Nespresso Nordic Almond Cake

    Nordic Almond Cake review

    Origin: a flavoured coffee inspired from the norwegian Kvæfjordkake, based off Livanto Intensity: 6 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 3 Body: 3 Roasting: 3 Order: Buy Nordic Almond Cake capsules at Amazon A Nordic Variations Limited Edition from 2019. Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, of a good intensity. Very much almond-like. A medium-heavy cup, with hints of cereals and meringue mixed with some bitterness. Low acidity. Closely resembling a more subtle version of the Macaron limited edition. A blend of cream, meringue and almond flavours over the Livanto base. Delicate and flavourful.

  • Detailed info on this holidays’ Limited Editions is online

    From the Singapore Nespresso website, the listings for Nordic Black, Nordic Cloudberry and Nordic Almond Cake are up: https://www.nespresso.com/sg/en/order/capsules/nordic-black-coffee-pods# https://www.nespresso.com/sg/en/order/capsules/nordic-cloudberry-flavoured-coffee-pods# https://www.nespresso.com/sg/en/order/capsules/nordic-almond-cake-flavoured-coffee-pods# None of them looks like dark roasts but of a more moderate flavour. Availability for US and Canada is still set for 23 of October, unknown about other countries.

  • New Limited Editions coming soon

    Still unclear in what market they will be (if US/Canada or EU+UK) but the names should be: Variations Nordic Almond Cake Variations Nordic Cloudberry Variations Nordic Black All are 6 in intensity but for the Nordic Black that is 5. No luck then for the lovers of stronger coffees this holiday season then. We will keep you updated on when exactly (it’s rumored on 23rd of October) they will be available and where.