Starbucks House Blend

Starbucks House Blend Review

Dark brown foam. Strong aroma, well-round, very roasty. Malted cereals and a distinct sweetness, hinting at a good body and a dark roasted cup.

Strongly bitter at first, confirming the medium/dark roasting. The acidity comes out mostly in the aftertaste. Good body, medium intensity.

Cocoa, some nuttiness, cereals, hints of toffee, with plenty of roasted notes and bitterness are the main characteristics of this blend. A basic sweetness, caramel/toffee-like, can be discerned.

Persisting and thick crema. A pungent acidity, typical of quality Arabica, resists amid the general roastiness. A blend that seems born to be paired with milk, for a strong cappuccino or macchiato. Overall a capsule that is moderate but with enough character to not be quickly forgotten.

Starbucks House Blend package
Starbucks House Blend package

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