Nespresso launches a new recycling programme, with rewards

To encourage recycling of the aluminium pods, Nespresso Australia is launching a programme called “Recycling Rewards”. Instead of just sending the used pods back to Nespresso to recycle them, as done so far, those who will send back at least 100 capsules will receive a reward:

  • a notebook made of recycled coffee grounds
  • a sleeve of Nespresso coffee flavours
  • a washable beach towel

One of them, not all. We don’t know yet how the choosing of the reward will work, neither the original source of the news tells us. It most probably will happen through the official Nespresso app or website, once logged in with your customer account.

So far only Australia is named. We suppose that it will be eventually be extended to encourage countries which haven’t been excelling at recycling at being more attentive to the aluminium waste problem. For sure receiving free coffee for your used pods sounds like a great encouragement!

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