Paris Espresso

Paris Espresso Review

  • Origin: lightly-roasted Latin America Arabica and Vietnamese Robusta
  • Intensity: 6
  • Body: 3
  • Roasting: 2
  • Acidity: 3
  • Bitterness: 3

A Paris-inspired pod for espresso-based coffee. A limited edition belonging to the World Explorations line.

Brown foam. Moderately intense aroma, consisting mainly of a cereals component, a bit of sandalwood, pepper and vague sweet notes. A mix of bitterness and acidity can be smelled too.

Medium-low body. The mix of dark roasted bitterness and light acidity remain present at the taste. A low intensity pod.

Quite nice acidity aftertaste, there’s no sweetness whatsoever though. The acidity isn’t much of a juicy, fruity type. Citrus-like but lacking the freshness of a true lemon juice. Instead, bitter, herbal notes hit the tongue while drinking Paris Espresso, making it feel stronger and bitter than actually is. May be unpleasant for some. This herbal bitterness becomes stronger at low temperatures, leaving traces of it in the aftertaste as well. At the same time, the acidity comes to the fore, balancing out this bitterness.

Long-lasting crema, nicely brown-reddish. Citrusy notes blend with the herbal ones at low-medium temperatures, for a delicately bitter and lightly acidic pod.

Paris Espresso works well in multiple forms, as an espresso, a lungo, and with generous amounts of milk. A touch of sugar enhances the acidity and balances out the herbal bitterness.

A soft pod, quite unlike the visually similar Paris Black of once. Paris Espresso can be appreciated in various moments of the day given its gentle intensity and good versatility.

Paris Espresso package
Paris Espresso package

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