• Paris Espresso

    Paris Espresso Review

    A Paris-inspired pod for espresso-based coffee. A limited edition belonging to the World Explorations line. Brown foam. Moderately intense aroma, consisting mainly of a cereals component, a bit of sandalwood, pepper and vague sweet notes. A mix of bitterness and acidity can be smelled too. Medium-low body. The mix of dark roasted bitterness and light acidity remain present at the taste. A low intensity pod. Quite nice acidity aftertaste, there’s no sweetness whatsoever though. The acidity isn’t much of a juicy, fruity type. Citrus-like but lacking the freshness of a true lemon juice. Instead, bitter, herbal notes hit the tongue while drinking Paris Espresso, making it feel stronger and bitter…

  • Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Istanbul Espresso coming to Europe

    These three previously announced pods in the World Explorations line are becoming available for purchase in European markets in these days. Uk, France, Italy, Spain among the others have them on store right now. Customers in Europe can check their local boutiques for a taste preview of these espresso-oriented new capsules. US and Canada, as often happen with Nespresso, will have to wait a bit longer to try these new limited edition pods.

  • New World Explorations pods coming: Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul

    On the Malayan Nespresso website three new pods appeared, as can be seen at these links: Paris Espresso Istanbul Espresso Rio de Janeiro Espresso As with the recent Miami Espresso, these seems to be limited edition pods in the World Explorations line, inspired by the coffee culture of the relative named cities. All are meant to be brewed as an espresso. Given that the name is different but, more importantly, the taste profile is as well, we don’t believe that neither Paris Espresso is Paris Black nor that Istanbul Espresso is Cafe Istanbul. They both seem different. Rio de Janeiro Espresso is instead quite close to Cafezinho do Brasil. Probably…