Peru Organic

Peru Organic Review

  • Origin: fully Arabica coffee from the Peruvian valleys above 1000m
  • Intensity: 8
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Acidity: 4
  • Body: 3
  • Roasting: 3

Light brown foam. Lightly roasted aroma, nutty mainly, with fruity undertones.

At the taste is a pod of medium intensity and body, but quite creamy. Not much of an aftertaste. Lots of acidity, while no sweetness and little bitterness. Especially when hot the acidity is much over the bitterness. It is not a prominent type of acidity though, more subdued but well present nonetheless.

A capsule with an acidity like white fruits, like pears and apples, rather than berries or citruses. Some notes of cereals and tobacco make up the rest of the taste profile. With a long-lasting crema, it is a creamy and acidic coffee, easy to enjoy.

Peru Organic has neither an excess of acidity, being it in high quantities but not overwhelmingly so, nor of bitterness. It may lack in character, being more a pod that can accompany any moment of the day without being a distraction. It works well both as a lungo and an espresso.

Peru Organic package
Peru Organic package

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