• Summer flavors coming soon: Coconut Flavor Over Ice, Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato

    Long time Nespresso fans will recognize some of them as not exactly new (we reviewed Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato already). Starting from today in nordic european countries and from the 18th of May in all EU and USA, this trio of flavors for cold coffee will be available. One is a coconut-flavored one, while the Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato are specific for iced coffee, strong and mellow alike. No confirmed news about availability in other nations so far but it is probable these pods will see a worldwide release, eventually.

  • Nespresso Freddo Intenso

    Freddo Intenso review

    Light brown foam. Malty aroma, with a noticeable roastiness highlighting it. A dark roast with prominent bitterness throughout the tasting experience. Dark cocoa and malted cereals are the most prominent notes, with a persistent aftertaste of both. An heavy cup, that works quite well as a French-Italian espresso substitute. Woody notes start to be noticeable at lower temperatures. As a cold coffee, the roastiness is more pleasant, with less of the bitter aspects of it. A persistent aftertaste, half acidic and roasty. Malted cereals are more prominent as a cold drink than dark cocoa. A smooth, intense, bold, capsule, that is perfect cold but extremely valid drunk hot as well.

  • Nespresso Freddo Delicato

    Freddo Delicato review

    Dark brown foam. Strong aroma, sweet and a bit chocolate-y. From the smell it may appear as a dark roast but it’s light at the taste instead. Bitterness and a good mouthful are the first things to be noticed. A bright acidity is present in the aftertaste and when drank cold or not very hot. Cherries, peaches and citrus notes make up the acidity part of this blend. A vague saltiness is also present. Hints of chocolate, weak crema. As an iced coffee is wildly acidic, with a thinner body, possessing weak bitterness with roasted qualities in the aftertaste only. A contrasting cup of coffee, as one’d expect from the…

  • Barista Creations Iced Coffee

    New Summer Editions soon available

    A new couple of capsules, “coffee made for ice”, is going to be soon available. They’re summer edition blends, meant to drink cold, called “Freddo Delicato” and “Freddo Intenso“. Again, italian names, continuing the trend of associating new capsules with Italy. No news when they’ll be available outside of, currently, the greek market. Usually it doesn’t take more than a few weeks to spread into other nearby markets (thus, EU). The biggest news though is that these 2 new capsules aren’t labelled as limited editions but are under the increasingly large umbrella of “barista creations”. That would make us believe they are going to be a stable addition to the…

  • Iced coffee capsules returning?

    No news about their availability this summer yet, but rumours that there will be new capsules, so not again Ispirazione Shakerato and Ispirazione Salentina, for iced coffees this year too.