Filter Style Intense

Filter Style Intense Review

  • Origin: Brazilian and Colombia Arabica beans, among other origins
  • Body: 1
  • Roasting: 5
  • Acidity: 1
  • Bitterness: 2

Very light brown foam. Light aroma, mostly of cereals. Slightly roasted as well, hinting at sweetness in the coffee.

Thin body, clearly one of the lightest bodied pods in the Nespresso line. Those used to drink espressos and the likes will find this pod watery. Body-wise it is indeed close to a typical filter coffee.

Nearly no acidity nor sweetness at first, only a moderate amount of bitterness, concentrated in the aftertaste. Extremely weak crema, disappearing in a couple of minutes after the brewing.

At lower temperatures this coffee shows more sweetness, mild, gentle sweetness that accompanies the bitter notes of roastiness.

Cereals dominate the taste profile, with only very subtle hints of apples and hazelnuts. Somewhat smoky too, with woody undertones. Not a flavorful coffee but intensity is high. Taste-wise is more akin to the classic Nespresso pods rather than a filter coffee that could be brewed by a third wave coffee barista. While not being an espresso-like coffee like other Nespresso pods, at all, it maintains a close resemblance in taste.

Filter Style Intense is a pod that makes for a great cup of coffee to slowly sip first thing in the morning. Its intensity is strong enough to wake you up for work, and to push through any amount of milk or sweeteners.

Brewing Filter Style Intense pod

This pod tries to recreate the filter coffee style, unlike other pods. For this reason, the way it should be brewed is slightly different. For start, this pod comes with a thin membrane covering it, which must be peeled off before inserting the pod in your Nespresso machine. Then brew it normally as a Lungo but, once it ends, switch to espresso and brew the same pod again on top of the lungo coffee you just brewed.

We tried doing it as a lungo only and while it can cut the amount of caffeine, it makes for a less creamy cup of coffee, with less punch to it.

Be aware that due to the different grind size and shape of this pod it is not possible to brew it as an espresso or ristretto and obtain similar crema and texture as with any other Nespresso pod. The coffee will result more light-bodied, with little to no crema on top. It is not a pod meant for espressos.

Filter Style Intense package
Filter Style Intense package

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