Les Cafés Sati Expresso Forte

Les Cafés Sati Expresso Forte review

  • Origin: Arabica from Latin America and Africa with a part of Robusta coffee
  • Intensity: 10
  • Body: 9/10
  • Order: Buy Les Cafés Sati Expresso Forte at Les Cafés Sati

Light brown foam. Malty and nicely roasted aroma. An heavy-bodied cup, with a thick crema that lasts a good while.

Bitterness overcomes the feeble acidity, for a definitely dark, probably french, roast level. Some woodiness along with cocoa powder are the main noticeable flavors.

Strong aftertaste, of a dark, bitter chocolate tablet, long lasting. An intense cup of coffee, comparable to the most intense official Nespresso capsules.

Overall a chocolatey, dark roast, for a capsule closely resembling a french-roasted, european, espresso experience.

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