Halo Three Mountain

Halo Three Mountain Review

Light brown foam. Tenuous aroma, particularly on the sweet side and with strong malted cereals notes. A bit of woodiness can be discerned too.

At the first taste quite dry, light-bodied and with a low intensity. Not bitterness either at first, only in the aftertaste. Feeble crema. Barely present acidity, a very low-key, mild cup with a gentle mouthfeel.

Nuts and chocolate flavours dominate, with undertones of sweet moleasses. The low acidity has berries qualities. To sum it up, a gentle, buttery cup of coffee where chocolate and nutty bitterness is partly contrasted by the molasses’ sweetness.

Not a complex blend but a subtle one. For lovers of low intensity, very low acidity and dry coffee.

Noticeably, both the packaging and the coffee pods are compostable and biodegradable.

Halo Three Mountain package
Halo Three Mountain package

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