Halo Indian Parchment

Halo Indian Parchment Review

Light brown foam. Inconsistent crema. Pleasant cereals and woody smell, with a distinct sweetness. A vague spices’ aroma too, like cedarwood and incense.

Dry and light-bodied, surprisingly for a Robusta blend. Somewhat bitter, but not overwhelmingly so and surely just enough to be noticed but to not cover any of the other flavours. Practically no acidity whatsoever.

Main flavours are typical woodiness, with a tinge of sweetness. Persisting aftertaste of which malted cereals and a low bitterness are the main components.

A pod that works better as a ristretto or espresso, as it is not intense enough to make a flavorful lungo or larger sizes. In smaller sizes it shows all its character. Gentle and mellow, as rarely a Robusta is.

Noticeably, both the packaging and the coffee pods are compostable and biodegradable.

Halo Indian Parchment package
Halo Indian Parchment package

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