• Nespresso launches Number 20 coffee pods

    Named by Nespresso “probably the most precious coffee in the world”, it is a celebrative pod that is being launched in a few markets so far. Australia and New Zealand, but we also saw smaller European markets like Slovakia. It will probably become available in many markets soon. This Number 20 pod is a coffee from Colombia that was carefully selected at Nespresso to offer an unique experience. Fully Arabica, with orange blossom and citrus named in the taste profile, Number 20 should be an interesting coffee pod. We have not tried it yet so we can’t confirm the quality of this pod, but it is refreshing to see that…

  • Esperanza De Colombia

    Esperanza de Colombia Review

    A limited edition pod of the Reviving Origins line. Light brown foam. Intensely sweet aroma, highly fruity, hinting at red berries and ripe apples. Dry and mostly acidic at the first sip, but not overtly either. Feels balanced from the very beginning. Light-medium bodied, with a foamy crema. Sweetness and a bit of bitterness can be noticed too, with the former contributing much to the fruity taste. At lower temperatures some roastiness comes forth, making Esperanza de Colombia a well balanced pod. The acidity gradually subsides as the coffee cools down. The low intensity of this capsule doesn’t help in sustaining all the flavors that can then become murky. Apples,…

  • Sendero Colombia

    Sendero Colombia review

    Light brown foam. Fruity aroma dominates, pleasantly sweet. Traces of vague smokiness can be noticed in the smell too. A highly acidic cup, some woodiness when very hot that transforms into a delicate chocolate flavor. Inconsistent crema. At lower temperatures still some chocolate can be noticed but it’s mostly overwhelmed by the fruity acidity. Blueberries and low chocolate flavors are the most noticeable, for an acidic, medium-bodied, cup of coffee. Capsules are fully compostable and all the coffee Sendero sells is ethically sustainable and sourced from smallholder, specialty grade, farms.

  • Reviving Origins 2020

    Reviving Origins returning

    Not yet in US but in Canada, Brazil and most EU markets some past capsules are available again. Esperanza de Colombia, Tamuka mu Zimbabwe and Amaha awe Uganda are making a welcomed return. For how long it’s hard to say, especially considering the issues in the availability of many capsules of late.

  • CRU Kafe Organic Colombian

    CRU Kafe Organic Colombian review

    A single origin from only Colombian farms. Organic, Fairtrade and 100% aluminum capsules. Light brown foam. Nutty aroma, with a sweet, fruity, undertone. A brilliant acidity that mingles with a moderate bitterness. A light-medium bodied cup. The acidity becomes more predominant at low temperatures. Apple flavors prevails over the nutty ones during the tasting. Most of the acidity has a fruit-like quality, with a tang of berries, less bright than at first sip. A coffee that evolves during the tasting experience. Persistent crema.

  • Dalgona Coffee 07

    Can You Make Dalgona Coffee with Nespresso?

    Dalgona coffee is the latest trend on social media regarding coffee. For those unaware of it, Dalgona coffee is a type of whipped coffee made with a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee, hot water and sugar. Whipping it all together until it becomes a frothy mixture and then scooping it over cold or hot milk, to form exactly a whipped coffee like many other around the world. Dalgona coffee has become well known through social media like TikTok and Instagram and comes from South Korea (probably the first to name it so was a south-Korean actor, Jung Il-woo, who ordered it in Macau and likened its taste to the Dalgona…

  • Nespresso Colombia

    Colombia review

    Brown foam. Not a coffee with an intense aroma. Nutty and fruity notes converge into the Colombia’s aroma. A vague sweetness mixed with light acidity, sort of like a sweet red wine, can be smelled too. Quite sweeter and acidic at the taste. Medium bodied, with a weak crema. Lots of red berries’ acidity in the aftertaste, whereas the juicy sweetness is present more at the tip of the tongue. Vaguely bitter, acidity is responsible of covering it. Medium intensity. A pod that is strongly fruity, blackcurrant and red berries’ flavors being the dominant ones. One of the most wine-like capsules from Nespresso, with a mix of acidity, sweetness, clear…