Nespresso Dulsao do Brasil

Dulsão do Brasil review

  • Origin: Pure Bourbon coffee from southern Brazil
  • Intensity: 4

A Pure Origin capsule now discontinued.

Light brown foam. Medium intense aroma, sweet, with a good roasty component. The smell of a gentle, sweet coffee.

Acidity and bitterness blend already from the first sip. Quite dry, with little aftertaste.

A malty pod, with cereals dominating the taste profile. Gingerbread notes can be discerned as well. A banana-like sweet acidity underlines the cereals and malt notes.

Quite a low intensity capsule. Pleasurable at the taste, without any sharp edges in flavor.

A coffee lacking in complexity but also very drinkable thanks to that. Sweet, with a gentle acidity and just about the right amount of bitterness makes Dulsão do Brasil an easy and mellow pod.

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