Costa Coffee Signature Blend Espresso

Costa Coffee Signature Blend Espresso Review

  • Origin: Arabica and Robusta beans, medium-roasted
  • Intensity: 8

Costa Coffee’s Signature Blend for espresso-sized coffee.

Brown foam. Nutty aroma, not particularly intense. It can be hardly smelled from afar. Sweet, with candies/cookies qualities. Nice roasty component as well in the smell.

At the taste it is quite matching with the aroma: a good amount of sweetness, some acidity and barely any bitterness. A good, medium roasted, coffee. Acidity and a weak bitterness are mainly present in the aftertaste and at lower temperatures, while nearly unnoticeable when the coffee is hot. Sweetness is left to the fore.

Short-lasting crema. Cocoa notes are present, accompanying nutty ones. A pod that becomes dry at lower temperatures, making it a tad less smooth and sweet than at the beginning of the tasting experience.

Part Robusta and part Arabica beans show in the medium/heavy body and toned down flavors. Caramel and milky-like sweetness mixes smoothly with the nutty and cocoa notes.

Overall an easy to drink espresso coffee, with average intensity. Works well as a morning coffee or as an afternoon break. With milk it makes for a sweet latte or cappuccino, with a medium coffee taste but manages to not be overwhelmed by the milk.

Not a strong coffee nor one that stays in your mouth for long, more like a smooth and easy cup for any moment of the day.

Costa Coffee Signature Blend Espresso package
Costa Coffee Signature Blend Espresso package

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