Nespresso Complete Guide 2020

Nespresso Capsules Guide 2020

Often it is not easy to choose which capsule to drink based on their relative intensity and the suggested cup size. Some capsules are good for a ristretto, others are not, while most who are good as lungo won’t be that great as an espresso. The official Nespresso website provides this info for each capsule and probably your Nespresso machine came with a manual containing the same info but it may be outdated if you haven’t bought a machine in the last couple of months. And admittedly, searching on the website before brewing is annoying when all you want is the right capsule for the moment.

Thus we made a small infographic about all the current original line Nespresso capsules on sale. You can download it and keep it in your phone or print and leave it next to your machine. We plan to update it as soon as new capsule come out or old ones got discontinued (Dharkan is still available in some markets and boutiques but we removed already as it will be gone pretty soon).

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