L'Or Decaffeinato

L’Or Decaf Review

  • Intensity: 6/13

One of the decaf options from L’Or line of aluminium Nespresso compatible pods.

Light brown foam. Nicely roasted aroma, somewhat sweet and nutty, but neither is overtly prominent. Overall a quite typical coffee aroma, without any smell that is particularly noticeable.

Medium-bodied, with a pungent bitter aftertaste. Not particularly sweet at the taste, rather well balanced. Mildly acidic, and medium bitter.

The taste profile has a base of cocoa, subtle, and is rich in spices. Mainly cardamom and a tad of paprika. These spices are never spicy nor pungent, and the cocoa hints pair with them well, moderating the whole taste profile. Slightly salty when lukewarm.

Crema does not last much longer than the time to drink it as an espresso.

All in all a moderate coffee that is very easy to drink, without any contrasting flavors. It is intense enough to be drank with milk, but it shows its best when savored as a classic espresso.

L'Or Decaffeinato Package
L’Or Decaffeinato Package

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