• L'Or Decaffeinato

    L’Or Decaf Review

    One of the decaf options from L’Or line of aluminium Nespresso compatible pods. Light brown foam. Nicely roasted aroma, somewhat sweet and nutty, but neither is overtly prominent. Overall a quite typical coffee aroma, without any smell that is particularly noticeable. Medium-bodied, with a pungent bitter aftertaste. Not particularly sweet at the taste, rather well balanced. Mildly acidic, and medium bitter. The taste profile has a base of cocoa, subtle, and is rich in spices. Mainly cardamom and a tad of paprika. These spices are never spicy nor pungent, and the cocoa hints pair with them well, moderating the whole taste profile. Slightly salty when lukewarm. Crema does not last…

  • Lavazza Dek

    Lavazza Dek Review

    The decaffeinate entry in the Lavazza Nespresso compatible pods line. Brown foam. Moderate aroma, with hints of dried fruits, mixed with the more typical roasted coffee smell. Of medium-heavy body, clearly a very dark roasted coffee chosen for this pod. The Robusta part is not particularly noticeable. Predominantly bitter, slightly dry at the palate. Lingering aftertaste, quite strong. Most of the taste profile is made of the dried fruits and licorice flavors, with nothing in terms of acidity and only minor hints of sweetness. Behind it all, typical cocoa notes blend with peppery ones, especially in the strong aftertaste. This is particularly powerful and dark, bordering the ashy. Weak crema.…

  • Green Caffe Nero Decaffeinated

    Green Caffè Nero Decaffeinated Review

    The classic Green Caffè Nero blend in the decaffeinated version. Brown foam. Intensely roasted smell hinting at medium/dark roasted beans. Traces of cocoa and bell peppers can be smelled in the aroma. Good acidity overall, with a generous amount of bitterness. Medium-heavy body, quite velvety mouthfeel, and a thick crema that is unfortunately short-lived. A gentle sweetness comes up at lower temperatures, making this pod easily drinkable black or unsweetened. Dark chocolate notes dominate the taste profile, leaving to be notice only a vague caramel flavor and some mushy, earthy, undertones. Overall a very balanced, on the dark-roasted side, cup of coffee. An easier drinking experience than it could have…

  • CRU Kafe Organic Decaf

    CRU Kafe Organic Decaf review

    The decaf offering from CRU Kafe, fully single origin from Peru. Organic, Fairtrade and 100% aluminium capsules. Light brown foam. Delicate aroma, resembling a coffee with milk or a milk chocolate bar. Sweet and velvety in mouth, a medium-bodied cup. The milk taste is the predominant one, with a bright acidity that complements the overall taste profile without contrasting it a bit. Some nutty notes can be noticed, of the more gentle ones like cashews. A delicate and harmonious coffee, boasting a very nice mouthfeel and a convincingly milky aroma.

  • Caffè Vergnano Decaf

    Caffè Vergnano Decaf review

    Dark brown foam. Malty, sweet and delicately roasty aroma. At first taste somewhat acidic with a pleasurable tinge of bitterness, like cocoa powder. Some woodiness. A medium bodied cup with a weak crema. Slightly acidic aftertaste. Overall a quite balanced blend, with sandalwood and chocolate flavors dominating and an average acidity, neither very fruity nor pungent. Medium intensity too for a coffee mostly for quiet moments when there’s time to sip it slowly.