• Kahawa Ya Congo

    Kahawa Ya Congo

    Origin: 100% Arabica coffee from Kivu lakeshores in eastern Congo Intensity: 7 Roasting: 4 Acidity: 3 Bitterness: 3 Body: 4 Order: Buy Kahawa Ya Congo at Amazon A pod belonging to the Reviving Origins line, a limited edition series. Brown foam. Roasty, and with clear notes of cereals, dark cocoa, aroma. Acidity can be smelled too, with a tang similar to raspberries. Overall an intense aroma. Intense is also the coffee at the first taste, more than the official rating of Nespresso would tell. Heavy bodied, more acidic than bitter. A dark roast that managed to maintain lots of acidity and flavors. The taste profile is complex: on one side…

  • Esperanza de Colombia

    Esperanza de Colombia Review

    Origin: 100% Arabica coffee from the Caquetá and El Rosario regions, Colombia Intensity: 5 Roasting: 3 Acidity: 3 Bitterness: 3 Body: 3 Order: Buy Esperanza de Colombia at Amazon A limited edition pod of the Reviving Origins line. Light brown foam. Intensely sweet aroma, highly fruity, hinting at red berries and ripe apples. Dry and mostly acidic at the first sip, but not overtly either. Feels balanced from the very beginning. Light-medium bodied, with a foamy crema. Sweetness and a bit of bitterness can be noticed too, with the former contributing much to the fruity taste. At lower temperatures some roastiness comes afore, making Esperanza de Colombia a well balanced…

  • Tamuka mu Zimbabwe

    Tamuka mu Zimbabwe Review

    Origin: 100% Arabica coffee from Zimbabwe Intensity: 5 Roasting: 2 Acidity: 4 Bitterness: 2 Body: 3 Order: Buy Tamuka mu Zimbabwe at Amazon A Reviving Origins pod from Zimbabwe’s high altitude coffee beans. Light Brown foam. Delicate and acidic aroma. A bouquet of smells can be discerned, among which roses, mint leaves and flowers, for a very complex aroma overall. Light-bodied and vividly acidic coffee, with a nice layer of crema that gives this pod more body. A bit of bitterness to counterbalance the acidity, in a definitely gently-roasted coffee pod. Red berries-like sweetness is also present but subtle. Primarily Tamuka mu Zimbabwe is a floral coffee, with lots of…

  • Amaha awe Uganda

    Amaha awe Uganda Review

    Origin: 100% Arabica coffee from the Rwenzori Mountains of Western region of Uganda Intensity: 8 Roasting: 4 Acidity: 2 Bitterness: 4 Body: 4 Order: Buy Amaha awe Uganda at Amazon A limited edition capsule of Ugandan coffee, part of the Reviving Origins line. Light brown foam. Intensely woody, of sandalwood to be precise, and incense-like aroma. Peculiar and very much unlike any other Nespresso pod. At the first taste this coffee is very floral, with a strong, and perhaps unexpected, sour aftertaste. A medium-bodied pod, with average bitterness and a vivid acidity. Not fruity though. The intense floral and sandalwood notes can remind of a quality perfume, not exactly of…

  • Ispirazione Millennio

    Ispirazione Millennio Review

    Origin: light-roasted Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia along with coffee from India Intensity: 8 Roasting: 3 Acidity: 3 Bitterness: 3 Body: 3 A 2021 limited edition pod within the Ispirazione Italiana line, inspired by the modern Italian coffee style. Brown foam. Aromatic smell, roasty and nutty, with some light spiciness. A pod with a medium/heavy body, with plenty of roasty notes and a velvety mouthfeel. Crema is thick and quite long-lasting. Mostly a bitter coffee and with good intensity, with acidity coming up in the aftertaste, mostly. Chocolate notes mix with nuts, almonds and hazelnuts primarily, in the taste profile. Not a great deal of either, flavors are subdued…

  • Ispirazione Novecento

    Ispirazione Novecento Review

    Origin: Arabica beans from Brazil and East Africa, along with Robusta beans from West Africa Intensity: 9 Roasting: 4 Acidity: 1 Bitterness: 4 Body: 4 A 2021 limited edition within the Ispirazione Italiana line, inspired by the classic taste of Italian coffee of the 20th century. Very dark brown foam. Lots of chocolate, nuts and nicely roasted notes in the aroma. Intense but quickly dissipating. Definitely a typical dark roasted coffee smell. Dry at the first sip, with a subtle sweetness that pairs with a more prominent bitterness. Not as heavy-bodied as could be initially expected, more on the medium/heavy side. The mouthfeel is overall dense though, nicely velvety and…

  • Green Caffe Nero Decaffeinated

    Green Caffè Nero Decaffeinated Review

    Roast: medium Italian Strength: 7 Order: Buy Green Caffè Nero Decaffeinated at Amazon The classic Green Caffè Nero blend in the decaffeinated version. Brown foam. Intensely roasted smell hinting at medium/dark roasted beans. Traces of cocoa and bell peppers can be smelled in the aroma. Good acidity overall, with a generous amount of bitterness. Medium-heavy body, quite velvety mouthfeel, and a thick crema that is unfortunately short-lived. A gentle sweetness comes up at lower temperatures, making this pod easily drinkable black or unsweetened. Dark chocolate notes dominate the taste profile, leaving to be notice only a vague caramel flavor and some mushy, earthy, undertones. Overall a very balanced, on the…