• Infiniment Espresso

    Infiniment Espresso Review

    A festive limited edition from 2022, born out of the collaboration between Nespresso and Pierre Hermé. Light brown foam. Lightly roasted aroma, not particularly intense, with a good amount of cocoa and cereals notes. At the taste it is immediately quite acidic, with just a pinch of bitterness, mostly in the aftertaste. Medium body, suggesting a light roast level, more than the score given by Nespresso would imply. Decidedly smooth, with the acidity posing as a nicely contrasting element. An acidity that increases as the coffee cools down. The taste profile maintains the cocoa notes present in the aroma, but rather in the background. The scene is taken by the…

  • Infiniment Gourmand

    Infiniment Gourmand Review

    A festive limited edition from 2022, born of a collaboration between Nespresso and Pierre Hermé. Light brown foam. Intense aroma of hazelnuts, as expected. Clearly smelled from afar, yet less from close up. Both a sweet and roasted aroma. It is very resembling of a sweetened hazelnut cream. At the taste it is much less sweet, but maintaining the roasting notes in full. With a medium body, it is a pod possessing a hint of acidity and sweetness throughout the tasting process. Weak aftertaste, primarily of medium roasted hazelnuts. There are few proper coffee notes, the hazelnut flavoring overpowers them. The taste profile is therefore dominated by hazelnut, with secondary…

  • Infiniment Fruité

    Infiniment Fruité Review

    A festive limited edition pod from 2022, born out of the collaboration between Nespresso and Pierre Hermé. Dark brown foam. Raspberry aroma, as imaginable, is clearly dominant. Quite sweet, and nicely acidic too. At the taste this pod is lightly acidic rather than sweet. Medium body, thin aftertaste. A pervasive bitterness undelies the tasting experience, from start to finish. The raspberry flavoring is moderate, an elegant addition more than overwhelming. With added sugar, Infiniment Fruité tastes closer to the fruit itself. Good crema, medium-lasting. It is a pod that does not change much at the varying of the temperature. It maintains a similar taste profile throughout the drinking experience. Delicately…

  • Pumpkin Spice Cake

    Pumpkin Spice Cake Review

    Light brown foam. Strong cinnamon aroma, sweet and long lasting. The cinnamon overcomes most other smells but a roasty aroma is powerful enough to be smelled too. Pumpkin is barely noticeable at the nose. A pod with a medium body, quite creamy overall, with a velvety mouthfeel. Initially rather bitter and only slightly acidic. That changes when the coffee gets lukewarm, with bitterness becoming less pronounced. Some sweetness from the pumpkin is clearly present but not too intense. Good aftertaste made of sweet and spicy notes. Pumpkin Spice Cake is definitely one of those coffee that lingers for a while on the palate. Taste profile is rich in pumpkin and…

  • Gimoka Brasil

    Gimoka Brasil Review

    Origin: single origin Arabica beans from Brazil Intensity: 8 Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, not particularly intense, rather delicate. Slightly floral. At the taste the sweetness is present, of milky qualities. This sweetness gives the coffee a taste similar to one with a splash of real milk in it. Quite low intensity, despite the 8 score given by Gimoka. Some bitterness is present, mostly in the aftertaste. Acidity barely noticeable instead. Light-bodied. At lower temperatures the sweetness, bitterness, and acidity balance out. Cocoa and milk are the main flavors, with hints of dried fruits. Weak crema, quickly disappearing. Not extremely flavorful, it definitely need a bit of sugar to bring…

  • Caffe Borbone Gold Blend

    Caffé Borbone Gold Blend Review

    Origin: a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans Order: Buy Caffé Borbone Gold Blend at Amazon One of the blends of the south Italy company headquartered in Naples. Dark brown foam. Typically roasted aroma, with strong hints of acidity from the Arabica beans. Milk-based acidity flanked with notes of cereals and nuts make the major parts of the aroma. Definitely an heavy-bodied coffee, with a thick crema and lots of roasted notes in the aftertaste. A Robusta-leaning pod, but only slightly. Caffeine content should accordingly be high. A vivacious acidity is present since the first sips. Milky, nearly yogurt-like, acidity. It is accompanied but not overcome by a strong bitterness…

  • Why Nespresso compatible pods are underrated

    Why Nespresso compatible pods are underrated

    Many Nespresso drinkers swear by the official Nespresso pods and disregard any compatible pods, no matter the brand. The assumption being that these capsules aren’t the same quality of the Nespresso ones, nor created with the same craft, or that you get what you pay (thus, less). 3rd party Nespresso pods are seen as a cheaper alternative that rarely lives up to the expectations. But, is it true? Is it accurate to consider the Nespresso original pods as the best pods you can purchase for your Nespresso machine? We’d say that it is not. There are some compatible pods that are absolutely worth checking. To establish that we will go…