• Milano Intenso

    Milano Intenso Review

    A 2023 limited edition pod belonging to the Ispirazione Italiana line. Dark brown foam. Intense cocoa aroma, with nice roasting notes. Perhaps surprisingly, also jammy, like strawberry’s, notes can be smelled. Those together create a round aroma, balanced. Quite an heavy-bodied pod, definitely on the intense side as well. Markedly bitter, with a peculiar burnt aftertaste, nearly ashy. This after taste tends to linger on the palate, and can put off some drinkers. With little to show in the fields of sweetness and acidity, it is an unidirectional capsule: bitter and intense. Cocoa notes dominate, along with undertones of an hypothetical jam without sugar. This jamminess donates not sweetness to…

  • Illy Classico

    Illy Classico Review

    Light brown foam. Pleasant, moderate, aroma of biscuits, hazelnuts and delicate roasting notes. A classic coffee aroma, without much in terms of peculiarities. Quite a heavy-bodied coffee, yet remaining absolutely smooth. At a first sip it is a semi-perfect blend of acidity and bitterness, slightly leaning towards the former. Bitterness hits the palate first, but then completely leaves the scene to acidity. Citrus flavors are the main source of acidity. A light fruitiness, as of a berry jam, is also discernible and tones down the acidity with a bit of sweetness. Weak chocolate and hazelnuts notes complete the list of flavors. Overall the acidity isn’t overwhelming and is perfectly balanced…

  • Lavazza Espresso Maestro Ristretto

    Lavazza Espresso Maestro Ristretto review

    Dark brown foam. Intense aroma of chocolate, as of a high cocoa chocolate bar. A bit of nutty as well. The aroma that you would expect from a very dark roasted coffee. Rather bitter at the taste, with subtle acidity. Medium-heavy bodied. A quite creamy cup of coffee. Intensity is on the high side, comparable to the most intense official Nespresso pods like Napoli or Kazaar. Throughout the tasting experience the chocolate notes are the strongest but cereals and pepper notes are also present. The intense creaminess of this pod makes it feel like it is a coffee with a splash of milk in it. An intense pod, with notes…

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    Why we removed Amazon links (and prefer it this way)

    You may have noticed that we removed advertisement from Amazon and all the links to the e-commerce giant. We had initially put them to make easier for you all to purchase the Nespresso pods that we review and to cover Nespressoguide’s costs. It made sense at the beginning to link to Amazon as it is the biggest shop, and one available for shipping to most countries. But we now removed all of the affiliation links leading to it. The reasons are mainly two. First, Amazon has been lowering the rate given to publishers and the earnings that Nespressoguide was getting from them were dwindling since months. We do not personally…

  • Peru Organic

    Peru Organic Review

    Light brown foam. Lightly roasted aroma, nutty mainly, with fruity undertones. At the taste is a pod of medium intensity and body, but quite creamy. Not much of an aftertaste. Lots of acidity, while no sweetness and little bitterness. Especially when hot the acidity is much over the bitterness. It is not a prominent type of acidity though, more subdued but well present nonetheless. A capsule with an acidity like white fruits, like pears and apples, rather than berries or citruses. Some notes of cereals and tobacco make up the rest of the taste profile. With a long-lasting crema, it is a creamy and acidic coffee, easy to enjoy. Peru…

  • Infiniment Espresso

    Infiniment Espresso Review

    A festive limited edition from 2022, born out of the collaboration between Nespresso and Pierre Hermé. Light brown foam. Lightly roasted aroma, not particularly intense, with a good amount of cocoa and cereals notes. At the taste it is immediately quite acidic, with just a pinch of bitterness, mostly in the aftertaste. Medium body, suggesting a light roast level, more than the score given by Nespresso would imply. Decidedly smooth, with the acidity posing as a nicely contrasting element. An acidity that increases as the coffee cools down. The taste profile maintains the cocoa notes present in the aroma, but rather in the background. The scene is taken by the…

  • Infiniment Gourmand

    Infiniment Gourmand Review

    A festive limited edition from 2022, born of a collaboration between Nespresso and Pierre Hermé. Light brown foam. Intense aroma of hazelnuts, as expected. Clearly smelled from afar, yet less from close up. Both a sweet and roasted aroma. It is very resembling of a sweetened hazelnut cream. At the taste it is much less sweet, but maintaining the roasting notes in full. With a medium body, it is a pod possessing a hint of acidity and sweetness throughout the tasting process. Weak aftertaste, primarily of medium roasted hazelnuts. There are few proper coffee notes, the hazelnut flavoring overpowers them. The taste profile is therefore dominated by hazelnut, with secondary…