• Nespresso Aged Sumatra

    Aged Sumatra review

    Origin: Arabica from the Aceh province on Sumatra, Indonesia, aged for 3 years. Intensity: 7 Bitterness: 5 Acidity: 3 Body: 5 Roasting: 4 Order: Buy Aged Sumatra at Nespresso A limited edition among the Master Origins line. Light brown foam. An intensely roasted aroma, with a somewhat tobacco, even peaty, tinge. Prevalently bitter at first, with a very subtle acidity, not bright nor tangy. Thick crema but not long lasting. Whisky-like undertones, similar to drinking a coffee “corretto” with a splash of a low-grade alcoholic drink. Woody, spicy and especially tobacco flavors, with a delicate, moderately sweet, acidity make the bulk of the aromatic profile of this capsule. Acidity comes…

  • Les Cafes Sati Expresso Forte

    Les Cafés Sati Expresso Forte review

    Origin: Arabica from Latin America and Africa with a part of Robusta coffee Intensity: 10 Body: 9/10 Order: Buy Les Cafés Sati Expresso Forte at Les Cafés Sati Light brown foam. Malty and nicely roasted aroma. An heavy-bodied cup, with a thick crema that lasts a good while. Bitterness overcomes the feeble acidity, for a definitely dark, probably french, roast level. Some woodiness along with cocoa powder are the main noticeable flavors. Strong aftertaste, of a dark, bitter chocolate tablet, long lasting. An intense cup of coffee, comparable to the most intense official Nespresso capsules. Overall a chocolatey, dark roast, for a capsule closely resembling a french-roasted, european, espresso experience.

  • Nespresso Freddo Intenso

    Freddo Intenso review

    Origin: a blend of Peruvian Arabica and Indonesian Java coffee Order: Buy Freddo Intenso at Amazon Light brown foam. Malty aroma, with a noticeable roastiness highlighting it. A dark roast with prominent bitterness throughout the tasting experience. Dark cocoa and malted cereals are the most prominent notes, with a persistent aftertaste of both. An heavy cup, that works quite well as a french-italian espresso substitute. Woody notes start to be noticeable at lower temperatures. As a cold coffee, the roastiness is more pleasant, with less of the bitter aspects of it. A persistent aftertaste, half acidic and roasty. Malted cereals are more prominent as a cold drink than dark cocoa.…

  • Nespresso Freddo Delicato

    Freddo Delicato review

    Origin: Arabica coffee from Kenya and Indonesia Java coffee Order: Buy Freddo Delicato at Amazon Dark brown foam. Strong aroma, sweet and a bit chocolate-y. From the smell it may appear as a dark roast but it’s light at the taste instead. Bitterness and a good mouthful are the first things to be noticed. A bright acidity is present in the aftertaste and when drank cold or not very hot. Cherries, peaches and citrus notes make up the acidity part of this blend. A vague saltiness is also present. Hints of chocolate, weak crema. As an iced coffee is wildly acidic, with a thinner body, possessing weak bitterness with roasted…

  • CRU Kafe Organic Decaf

    CRU Kafe Organic Decaf review

    Origin: 100% coffee from Peru Intensity: 7 Buy: Order Organic Decaf at CRU Kafe , Order Organic Decaf at Amazon The decaf offering from CRU Kafe, fully single origin from Peru. Organic, Fairtrade and 100% aluminium capsules. Light brown foam. Delicate aroma, resembling a coffee with milk or a milk chocolate bar. Sweet and velvety in mouth, a medium-bodied cup. The milk taste is the predominant one, with a bright acidity that complements the overall taste profile without contrasting it a bit. Some nutty notes can be noticed, of the more gentle ones like cashews. A delicate and harmonious coffee, boasting a very nice mouthfeel and a convincingly milky aroma.

  • Nespresso Intensity Rating

    What does the Nespresso intensity rating mean?

    Throughout our reviews, we have always indicated the “intensity” of a Nespresso capsule, as given on the official channels. But what does this intensity actually mean? The official definition of intensity in coffee From the Specialty Coffee Association website: Coffee shall exhibit a brew strength, measured in Total Dissolved Solids, of 11.5 to 13.5 grams per liter, corresponding to 1.15 to 1.35 “percent” on the SCA Brewing Control Chart, resulting from a solubles extraction yield of 18 to 22 percent*. https://sca.coffee/research/coffee-standards That’s the golden cup standard that a good coffee should achieve. If you want to read more on this, the full pdf is here. The key parameter for the…

  • Caffé Vergnano Napoli

    Caffè Vergnano Napoli review

    Origin: Robusta coffee Intensity: 5/5 Body: 4/5 Order: Buy Caffè Vergnano Napoli at Caffè Vergnano , Buy Caffè Vergnano Napoli at Amazon Dark brown foam. Very tall crema, probably the tallest of all capsules reviewed so far. Profoundly roasted aroma, with caramel and spicy hints. At first taste the cup is dry and virtually devoid of any acidity. Contrary to the impression that the colour of the coffee could give, a medium-heavy bodied cup instead of a fuller bodied one. Not much sweetness either, again, against the first impression given by the aroma. Overall dry and somewhat bitter but not overwhelmingly so. An intense cup, with a very persisting crema,…