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Can You Make Dalgona Coffee with Nespresso?

Dalgona coffee is the latest trend on social media regarding coffee. For those unaware of it, Dalgona coffee is a type of whipped coffee made with a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee, hot water and sugar. Whipping it all together until it becomes a frothy mixture and then scooping it over cold or hot milk, […]

Best Nespresso Capsules for Lattes and Cappuccinos

Lattes and Cappuccinos are tricky coffee drinks to make good. On one side, too much milk will overcome even the strongest coffee capsule while on the other side a too bitter blend will make necessary to add more sugar, watering down the coffee flavours and the milk taste. There’s a need of a Nespresso capsule […]

Nespresso Capsules Guide 2020

Often it is not easy to choose which capsule to drink based on their relative intensity and the suggested cup size. Some capsules are good for a ristretto, others are not, while most who are good as lungo won’t be that great as an espresso. The official Nespresso website provides this info for each capsule […]

Ispirazione Venezia review

Origin: a blend of a classic Brazilian Arabica with high-grown Arabica from Colombia and a washed Robusta from Africa. Intensity: 8 Roasting: 4 Order: Buy Ispirazione Venezia capsules A revamped version of the Café Venezia of 2019, to join the Ispirazione Italiana line. Brown foam. Sweet, biscuit-like, aroma. A medium cup, not much acidic, no […]

Ispirazione Napoli review

Origin: a blend of Robusta from Uganda and India with Arabica from South America Intensity: 13 Roasting: 5 The darkest roast to be added to the Original Nespresso line so far. Dark brown foam. Smell of burnt and liquorice, with woody notes. A pretty persistent aroma for a dry, velvety cup of coffee. A bit […]

Rebranding of some capsules

According to various sources (Nespresso Uk website and the newsletter), there will be a rebranding of some original line capsules and a welcome return. In short: Dharkan is being phased out in favour of “Ispirazione Napoli”. This will be a different blend with a different profile Kazaar is being renamed as “Ispirazione Palermo”. It shouldn’t […]

The controversial Nordic Cloudberry

Nordic Cloudberry is fast becoming one of the most controversial capsules ever released by Nespresso. While some like it, it’s a light cup with a pungent berry aroma, many utterly dislike it to the point of giving it away. Personally I believe it’s a weak flavour. The whole Nordic-inspired line of capsules is particularly weak, […]

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