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Nordic Black review

Origin: a blend of African and South American coffee Intensity: 5 Bitterness: 1 Acidity: 2 Body: 2 Roasting: 2 Order: Buy Nordic Black capsules A Nordic Variations Limited Edition from 2019. Brown foam. A mix of fruits and cereals aroma. Fruity and acidic at the taste, more so at lower temperatures. A markedly dry cup. […]

Nordic Cloudberry review

Origin: a Livanto-based capsule, with a cloudberry flavouring Intensity: 6 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 3 Body: 3 Roasting: 3 Order: Buy Nordic Cloudberry capsules A Nordic Variations Limited Edition from 2019. Light brown foam. Strong and pungent aroma of berries, completely overcoming the coffee aroma. At a first sip the cloudberry and acidity are prominent, with […]

Fortissio Lungo review

Origin: Indian Malabar coast Arabica blended with Latin America Arabica coffee. Intensity: 8 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 2 Body: 3 Roasting: 4 Order: Buy Fortissio Lungo capsules Dark brown foam. Burnt and a bit flowery smell, with a hint of sweetness. Low acidity and just in the aftertaste. Dry and bitter at a first taste. Not […]

Indriya from India review

Origin: a blend of Arabica and Robusta from Southern India Intensity: 10 Bitterness: 4 Acidity: 3 Body: 4 Roasting: 4 Order: Discontinued A Pure Origin capsule, now discontinued in favour of Master Origin India. Dark brown foam. A pleasurable freshly roasted aroma. Hints of nutmeg at first. Quite dry and heavy cup, with little acidity. […]

Long Black Over Ice review

Origin: Ethiopia and Peru coffees Intensity: 5 Order: Buy Long Black Over Ice capsules A 2019 Summer Limited Edition. Light brown foam. Pleasurably roasted smell, pronounced. Medium-strong body, with a thick and persistent crema. An acidic cup, just a bit bitter. Hints of chocolate can be discerned but not above the citric, fruity ones. A […]

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