• Gimoka Brasil

    Gimoka Brasil Review

    Origin: single origin Arabica beans from Brazil Intensity: 8 Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, not particularly intense, rather delicate. Slightly floral. At the taste the sweetness is present, of milky qualities. This sweetness gives the coffee a taste similar to one with a splash of real milk in it. Quite low intensity, despite the 8 score given by Gimoka. Some bitterness is present, mostly in the aftertaste. Acidity barely noticeable instead. Light-bodied. At lower temperatures the sweetness, bitterness, and acidity balance out. Cocoa and milk are the main flavors, with hints of dried fruits. Weak crema, quickly disappearing. Not extremely flavorful, it definitely need a bit of sugar to bring…

  • Caffe Borbone Gold Blend

    Caffé Borbone Gold Blend Review

    Origin: a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans Order: Buy Caffé Borbone Gold Blend at Amazon One of the blends of the south Italy company headquartered in Naples. Dark brown foam. Typically roasted aroma, with strong hints of acidity from the Arabica beans. Milk-based acidity flanked with notes of cereals and nuts make the major parts of the aroma. Definitely an heavy-bodied coffee, with a thick crema and lots of roasted notes in the aftertaste. A Robusta-leaning pod, but only slightly. Caffeine content should accordingly be high. A vivacious acidity is present since the first sips. Milky, nearly yogurt-like, acidity. It is accompanied but not overcome by a strong bitterness…

  • Why Nespresso compatible pods are underrated

    Why Nespresso compatible pods are underrated

    Many Nespresso drinkers swear by the official Nespresso pods and disregard any compatible pods, no matter the brand. The assumption being that these capsules aren’t the same quality of the Nespresso ones, nor created with the same craft, or that you get what you pay (thus, less). 3rd party Nespresso pods are seen as a cheaper alternative that rarely lives up to the expectations. But, is it true? Is it accurate to consider the Nespresso original pods as the best pods you can purchase for your Nespresso machine? We’d say that it is not. There are some compatible pods that are absolutely worth checking. To establish that we will go…

  • Costa Coffee Signature Blend Espresso

    Costa Coffee Signature Blend Espresso Review

    Origin: Arabica and Robusta beans, medium-roasted Intensity: 8 Order: Buy Costa Coffee Signature Blend Espresso at Amazon Costa Coffee’s Signature Blend for espresso-sized coffee. Brown foam. Nutty aroma, not particularly intense. It can be hardly smelled from afar. Sweet, with candies/cookies qualities. Nice roasty component as well in the smell. At the taste it is quite matching with the aroma: a good amount of sweetness, some acidity and barely any bitterness. A good, medium roasted, coffee. Acidity and a weak bitterness are mainly present in the aftertaste and at lower temperatures, while nearly unnoticeable when the coffee is hot. Sweetness is left to the fore. Short-lasting crema. Cocoa notes are…

  • Green Caffe Nero Decaffeinated

    Green Caffè Nero Decaffeinated Review

    Roast: medium Italian Strength: 7 Order: Buy Green Caffè Nero Decaffeinated at Amazon The classic Green Caffè Nero blend in the decaffeinated version. Brown foam. Intensely roasted smell hinting at medium/dark roasted beans. Traces of cocoa and bell peppers can be smelled in the aroma. Good acidity overall, with a generous amount of bitterness. Medium-heavy body, quite velvety mouthfeel, and a thick crema that is unfortunately short-lived. A gentle sweetness comes up at lower temperatures, making this pod easily drinkable black or unsweetened. Dark chocolate notes dominate the taste profile, leaving to be notice only a vague caramel flavor and some mushy, earthy, undertones. Overall a very balanced, on the…

  • Nescafé Farmers Origin line expands into more markets

    Following the launch of last year in Australia and New Zealand, the slightly cheaper alternative to Nespresso pods made by the other brand belonging to Nestlé, Nescafé, is getting its launch into further markets. Netherlands, to which it was made available at the end of 2020 already, and Spain, with others yet unknown to follow. This line is made in the same facilities as the Nespresso pods, and they also look like identical, exteriorly, to the original capsules. It will be interesting to compare them with the original Nespresso pods as they aim at a slightly lower priced market segment but are after all still “official” pods.

  • Starbucks Espresso Roast

    Starbucks Espresso Roast Review

    Origin: coffee from Asia-Pacific and Latin America Roast: dark Intensity: 11 Order: Buy Starbucks Espresso Roast at Amazon Brown foam. Very sweet aroma, with strong roasting notes. Overall a very enjoyable aroma. The sweetness is not immediately noticeable at the taste, where saltiness, a heavy body and a good deal of bitterness are stronger, at medium and hot temperatures. High intensity. The roasting notes, present throughout the tasting, make the bitterness a pleasant one, highlighted by a noteworthy combination of saltiness and dryness. At lower temperatures some acidity takes the lead, but it remains an accompanying factor more than a protagonist. The coffee remains a salty, roasty, with hints of…