• L'Or Decaffeinato

    L’Or Decaf Review

    One of the decaf options from L’Or line of aluminium Nespresso compatible pods. Light brown foam. Nicely roasted aroma, somewhat sweet and nutty, but neither is overtly prominent. Overall a quite typical coffee aroma, without any smell that is particularly noticeable. Medium-bodied, with a pungent bitter aftertaste. Not particularly sweet at the taste, rather well balanced. Mildly acidic, and medium bitter. The taste profile has a base of cocoa, subtle, and is rich in spices. Mainly cardamom and a tad of paprika. These spices are never spicy nor pungent, and the cocoa hints pair with them well, moderating the whole taste profile. Slightly salty when lukewarm. Crema does not last…

  • Lavazza Dek

    Lavazza Dek Review

    The decaffeinate entry in the Lavazza Nespresso compatible pods line. Brown foam. Moderate aroma, with hints of dried fruits, mixed with the more typical roasted coffee smell. Of medium-heavy body, clearly a very dark roasted coffee chosen for this pod. The Robusta part is not particularly noticeable. Predominantly bitter, slightly dry at the palate. Lingering aftertaste, quite strong. Most of the taste profile is made of the dried fruits and licorice flavors, with nothing in terms of acidity and only minor hints of sweetness. Behind it all, typical cocoa notes blend with peppery ones, especially in the strong aftertaste. This is particularly powerful and dark, bordering the ashy. Weak crema.…

  • Alfredo Espresso Caffe Lungo

    Alfredo Espresso Caffè Lungo

    Light brown foam. A coffee with a delicately roasted aroma, quite sweet. At the taste it is mainly a mix of bitterness and sweetness. A dark roast, with a thick body but that never feels heavy. Dry, and even drier at lower temperatures. Some light acidity is present, like of a not too sweet cantaloupe. A coffee pod that is primarily bitter and sweet though, with predominant flavors of bell pepper, black pepper, and vague woodiness. The latter completes well the melon-like acidity and sweetness that underline the whole taste profile. Long lasting crema. A pod of medium intensity, suggested to be drank as a lungo. It works well as…

  • Caffe Corsini India

    Caffè Corsini India Review

    Light brown foam. Wet, humid, slightly roasted smell. Not particularly intense overall, the aroma has some woodiness to it, with just a tad of spices notes. Medium-light bodied, with a very weak crema. Acidic and slightly bitter at first, with a feeble sweetness that comes forth more at lower temperatures. A low intensity coffee, very gentle on the palate. Can be watery if brewed as a lungo. A pod that morphs into a sweet and medium acidic one when lukewarm. Roast notes slowly disappear, leaving spices and woody flavors to dominate. Little aftertaste. A quiet cup of coffee, decidedly not intense enough to drink in any way other than as…

  • Illy Classico

    Illy Classico Review

    Light brown foam. Pleasant, moderate, aroma of biscuits, hazelnuts and delicate roasting notes. A classic coffee aroma, without much in terms of peculiarities. Quite a heavy-bodied coffee, yet remaining absolutely smooth. At a first sip it is a semi-perfect blend of acidity and bitterness, slightly leaning towards the former. Bitterness hits the palate first, but then completely leaves the scene to acidity. Citrus flavors are the main source of acidity. A light fruitiness, as of a berry jam, is also discernible and tones down the acidity with a bit of sweetness. Weak chocolate and hazelnuts notes complete the list of flavors. Overall the acidity isn’t overwhelming and is perfectly balanced…

  • Lavazza Espresso Maestro Ristretto

    Lavazza Espresso Maestro Ristretto review

    Dark brown foam. Intense aroma of chocolate, as of a high cocoa chocolate bar. A bit of nutty as well. The aroma that you would expect from a very dark roasted coffee. Rather bitter at the taste, with subtle acidity. Medium-heavy bodied. A quite creamy cup of coffee. Intensity is on the high side, comparable to the most intense official Nespresso pods like Napoli or Kazaar. Throughout the tasting experience the chocolate notes are the strongest but cereals and pepper notes are also present. The intense creaminess of this pod makes it feel like it is a coffee with a splash of milk in it. An intense pod, with notes…

  • Nespresso to introduce paper-based compostable pods

    Announced on the official LinkedIn page of the company a few days ago, the new capsules will be fully compostable, based on compressed paper. Nespresso CEO Guillaume Le Cunff claim that a big chunk of Nespresso’s customers is not aware of the possibility of recycling the existing aluminum pods and would be more inclined to compost the paper-based ones. It is not planned to fully get rid of the aluminum pods though, only to give consumers a second choice. Personally we welcome any attempt to reduce waste by Nespresso. While compostable pods are not biodegradable, and can’t be expected to just dissolve in the trashcan, at least they don’t need to be…