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Hayman Hawaii Kona review

Origin: 100% Extra Fancy Hawaii Kona coffee Buy: Order Hawaii Kona at Hayman , Order Hawaii Kona at Amazon One of the rarest and most famous coffee in the world, Hawaii Kona grows on the slopes of the volcanoes Halalai and Mauna Loa, from the Kona district, Big Island, Hawaii. Light brown foam. Complex and […]

Table of coffee origins – Oceania

Country/Region Denomination Notes Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea (general) Modest, low-toned richness, moderate acidity like fermented apples. Often compared with Indonesian coffee, it is not as full-bodied or aromatic but possesses a buttery quality and great sweetness Sigri Earthy body, not as full-bodied or aromatic as coffee from Sulawesi but as fruity as it […]

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