Forest Black

Forest Black Review

  • Origin: shade-grown beans from Colombia and others.
  • Intensity: 7
  • Roasting: 3
  • Acidity: 2
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Body: 3

A 2021 festive limited edition pod.

Light brown foam. Moderate aroma, sweet, woody, slightly earthy. A pod with a subdued aroma, not in your face, delicate.

Primarily bitter at the taste, with a medium body. A dark roast, but not extremely so. Dry aftertaste, woody as well as the mouthfeel. Subtly acidic, balancing the initial bitterness as the coffee becomes colder.

In the taste profile the woodiness dominates, leaving only traces of cereals and pepper to be tasted. A coffee with medium intensity, overall very balanced, just a bit “flat” in taste as there’s a lack of richness in it that doesn’t contribute to the long-term enjoyment.

A pod with a taste profile that is espresso-leaning, somewhat a middle way between the older kind of espresso (think Napoli or Novecento) and more modern ones. A capsule that should be easily appreciated by many drinkers, with a pleasing and long-lasting crema.

Appropriately named, it is definitely a capsule that matches its denomination. A forest-themed, afternoon cup of coffee for a rainy/cold day. Strong enough to work good as a cappuccino or latte.

Forest Black package
Forest Black package

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