• Nespresso machine with Aeroccino

    How to choose the best Nespresso machine

    Those looking for a new or their first Nespresso machine would understandably try to purchase the best Nespresso machine possible. Clear. Yet in the world of Nespresso machines it is harder to establish which is the “best machine”, even among machines sharing the same name but a different producer. There are multiple reasons as to why this. Before getting into these, we would like to provide a basic guide on how to choose the best Nespresso machine for your needs. What are the factors that should make you decide for a machine instead of another? What to consider when shopping for the “best” Nespresso machine? What should be taken into…

  • Nespresso Limited Editions

    All Nespresso Limited Editions pods ever

    Ever is a bold claim, but it is close to a full list of all Nespresso Limited Editions that were released since the beginning. Across their nearly 3 decades’ old history, Nespresso has not only released tens of capsules for both their Original and Vertuo lines, but dozens of Limited Edition pods. These pods weren’t present at the initial release of the Nespresso single serve machines, but were born only in 1994. The very first was a selected pod called “Special Club” that every year had a different type of coffee inside. That was 8 years since the introduction of the first Nespresso machine on the market, in 1986. Since…

  • Red Nespresso Machine

    How to use Nespresso compatible pods

    Nespresso compatible pods are all those capsules that are sold by 3rd party companies and work with most (maybe all) Nespresso original line machines. These aren’t official capsules produced by Nespresso, and in the past they were subject to a series of problems, not the last being capable of breaking your Nespresso machine. Those were the early days, and luckily those issues aren’t common today. We said that these compatible pods should work with most, perhaps all, Nespresso machines. The vast majority of Nespresso compatible pods will indeed work flawlessly with your machine, as with any other. Not all these capsules have the same shape or material, and that influences…

  • The Best Nespresso Cocktails

    The Best Nespresso Cocktails

    Here cocktail stands for alcoholic drinks, not simply a mixture of coffee with some juices or sodas. While mixing coffee with alcohol is a thing since a century (or even centuries), it’s still not that common for coffee fans to drink both coffee regularly and coffee cocktails. Even less so, making cocktail with a Nespresso machine; not even Nespresso advertise much alcoholic drinks with their line of coffee. There are but a handful of cocktail recipes that are alcoholic on the official website. We feel that using a Nespresso capsule to make a good cocktail is an underrated habit and we experimented over the last months with preparing some. Everybody…

  • Plastic Capsules

    Can Nespresso capsules be reused?

    This is a common question we receive. Personally it’s one of the very first things I attempted to discover when I bought my first Nespresso machine years ago. On the internet there are plenty of reusable pods. Pods made of metal or sturdy plastic that can be opened, filled with ground coffee, and securely closed. That is surely a way to follow if you plan to routinely use ground coffee instead of Nespresso capsules. But the actual, original, Nespresso capsules can be reused? Well, yes. A bit. Why the single serve capsule systems preserve the flavours of coffee The single serve container, as Nespresso capsules are, is designed to preserve…

  • Cappuccino and Latte

    Best Nespresso Capsules for Lattes and Cappuccinos

    The best Nespresso pod for Cappuccinos and Lattes as selected by us. Both coffee drinks are tricky to make good. On one side, too much milk will overcome even the strongest coffee capsule while on the other side a too bitter blend will make necessary to add more sugar, watering down the coffee flavours and the milk taste. There’s a need of a Nespresso capsule that is both intense enough to not succumb under the amount of milk while not being very bitter. If it has nice flavours that can be savoured, the better. For these reasons, most of the weakest Nespresso capsules won’t do. They are nice on their…

  • Nespresso Complete Guide 2021

    Nespresso Capsules Guide 2020 [Updated for 2021]

    Often it is not easy to choose which capsule to drink based on their relative intensity and the suggested cup size. Some capsules are good for a ristretto, others are not, while most who are good as lungo won’t be that great as an espresso. The official Nespresso website provides this info for each capsule and probably your Nespresso machine came with a manual containing the same info but it may be outdated if you haven’t bought a machine in the last couple of months. And admittedly, searching on the website before brewing is annoying when all you want is the right capsule for the moment. Thus we made a…