Liminha Over Ice out in the US

A bit surprisingly, Nespresso released a new limited edition pod for summer 2022: Liminha Over Ice. That’s the first that is specifically geared towards iced coffee and cold coffee in general.

We said “surprisingly” because there was no hint of such a taste profile for a new limited edition to come out this year. With lime and mint as main flavors, it is a pod that will surely be refreshing to the palate but may put off some drinkers.

This is not the first lime and mint pod that Nespresso released. This award goes to 2013’s Liminito.

We don’t know if and when Liminha Over Ice will be available worldwide. It may be very soon though, as in some other markets (like Hungary) it was released already, which is a good sign that it won’t be an US-exclusive pod.

On a related news, some other summer capsules are popping in a few markets. For instance, Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato appeared in Germany. Coconut Flavor Over Ice should make a return as well, but we don’t know yet when.

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  • val

    I’m fairly new to Nespresso and use original pods. There don’t seem to be any instructions for how to make iced coffee with these Liminha pods. How much ice and what setting should I used?

    • Nespresso Guide

      There are no instructions because there’s no fixed recipe. You can do it however you want, really.

      When we make iced coffee we use a simple rule: 2 ice cubes for an espresso or 4 for a lungo + 1 “for the cup”. The last one we add to offset the temperature of the room and of the cup. If you can keep the cup in the fridge for about one hour before you brew your coffee, this additional cube can be left out.
      Specifically about Liminha, Nespresso claims it to be best served as an espresso. Therefore, 3 ice cubes, brew as an espresso directly over the cubes. Add any sweetener you like (or none at all). We would add for Liminha a splash of sparkling water or tonic, chilled.

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