Nespresso Macaron

Macaron review

  • Origin: Arabica coffee from Central and South America
  • Intensity: 6

A Festive Limited Edition from 2018.

Brown foam. Intense aroma, half of roastiness and half of almonds/macarons. The sweetness of the smell immediately identifies it as a macaron aroma.

A medium bodied, dry cup, probably medium roasted as well. Possessing a distinct but not overwhelming acidity. At higher temperatures it is more acidic, while at medium ones the roastiness balances it and makes it less sweet. A cup of coffee that is much more bitter and roasty than the name and the aroma would have led to believe.

Definitely a capsule that is greatly enhanced with the addition of a teaspoon of sugar, as that makes the flavor of macaron shine: otherwise it is a more heavily almonds-leaning flavor.

A berry-like acidity and a soft mouthfeel makes this pod rich and diverse. The acidity is more prominent at low temperatures, leaving a coffee that is acidic and roasty and barely sweet.

A medium intensity pod with a taste profile that is more on the darker side than could have been expected from the package and at smelling it. The aroma is what mainly positions it as a macaron-flavored pod as the taste in itself isn’t immediately so. With a sweetener it becomes truly a macaron-like cup of coffee.

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