Nespresso Freddo Delicato

Freddo Delicato review

  • Origin: Arabica coffee from Kenya and Indonesia Java coffee

Dark brown foam. Strong aroma, sweet and a bit chocolate-y. From the smell it may appear as a dark roast but it’s light at the taste instead.

Bitterness and a good mouthful are the first things to be noticed. A bright acidity is present in the aftertaste and when drank cold or not very hot. Cherries, peaches and citrus notes make up the acidity part of this blend. A vague saltiness is also present.

Hints of chocolate, weak crema. As an iced coffee is wildly acidic, with a thinner body, possessing weak bitterness with roasted qualities in the aftertaste only.

A contrasting cup of coffee, as one’d expect from the blend of Kenyan and Indonesian coffee: one donates the acidity and fruity notes, the latter the chocolate and medium-heavy body. Hot is more balanced, drank cold the acidic side takes the precedence.

Freddo Delicato package
Freddo Delicato package

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