• Hayman Panama Geisha

    Hayman Panama Geisha review

    Origin: 100% Panama Geisha coffee Order: Buy Panama Geisha at Hayman , Buy Panama Geisha at Amazon From the Chriqui province in Western Panama, the Geisha coffee has risen to coffee stardom since 2004 and hasn’t stopped since then being considered one of the finest coffee in the world. Very light brown foam. Cereals and floral notes in the aroma, with the latter prevailing. Bright acidity for a light bodied cup. Right after the brewing Panama Geisha leaves little to no aftertaste. Some bitterness is present but very subtle. Not much sweetness either, overall the flavours balance exceptionally well. Citrus fruits flavours start to be noticed at lower temperatures. A…

  • Hayman Hawaii Kona

    Hayman Hawaii Kona review

    Origin: 100% Extra Fancy Hawaii Kona coffee Buy: Order Hawaii Kona at Hayman , Order Hawaii Kona at Amazon One of the rarest and most famous coffee in the world, Hawaii Kona grows on the slopes of the volcanoes Halalai and Mauna Loa, from the Kona district, Big Island, Hawaii. Light brown foam. Complex and sweet aroma. Medium body, with a velvety feel in mouth. A very smooth cup, easy to drink. Overall on the dry side of the coffee spectrum, not at all bitter. Good levels of pleasant acidity, bright. Hayman Hawaii Kona ends with a very clean finish, leaving little to no aftertastes.

  • Hayman Jamaica Blue Mountain

    Hayman Jamaica Blue Mountain review

    Origin: 100% Grade 1 Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee Order: Buy Jamaica Blue Mountain at Hayman , Buy Jamaica Blue Mountain at Amazon One of the most renowned coffee in the world, as reviewed on top speciality coffee guides as Coffee Detective, Caffeine Informer and Coffee Review. Hayman’s Jamaica Blue Mountain comes from the Mavis Bank in Jamaica, 100% Arabica. Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, caramel predominant. Velvety crema. Some earthy tones can be smelled. At first sip, medium dry, acidic, light bodied. The aroma would have suggested a medium roast but the body a lighter one instead. Persistent aftertaste of herbs. At lower temperatures the acidity becomes more pronounced but…