• Jacobs Espresso Classico

    Jacobs Espresso Classico Review

    Advertised as an espresso, 40ml, capsule, it is one of the 3 Jacobs capsules currently available for espresso/ristretto measures. Brown foam. Good aroma, slightly fruity. Good-medium body, a bit bitter as it is probably a medium roast. Sweet and fruity at tasting, medium acidity, with still some bitterness to be felt. Medium-persistent foam. Overall a balance between the fruit/sweet part and the bitterness.

  • Jacobs Espresso Intenso

    Jacobs Espresso Intenso Review

    The second most intense Jacobs capsule for espresso/ristretto measures. Brown foam. Quite good aroma, medium sweet and of a delicately roasted coffee and a tinge of chocolate. Medium acidity. Body is medium too, with the chocolate flavor being the strongest. Slightly bitter, with a long lasting aftertaste of burnt-related bitterness and chocolate. Undertones of spices and vanilla mixes with the far prevailing chocolate ones and bitterness. Acidity is a tad dull. Strong intensity for a not very flavorful capsule that works better as a ristretto and hot.