Special Reserve Galapagos

Special Reserve Galapagos Review

  • Origin: fully Arabica coffee from the Galapagos islands
  • Intensity: 7

A 2021 limited edition made of coffee exclusively from the Galapagos islands. It is a return of the 2018 Galapagos Santa Cruz limited edition.

Light brown foam. Cereals and milk smell, quite sweet and with a medium intensity. Same intensity as the coffee itself.

Dry and pungently roasted, with a medium/full body too, making it a very classic espresso taste profile. Nespresso roasted medium/dark to make it more similar to an european espresso experience. Mostly dry at the palate, with a distinct bitterness, not overwhelmingly so, though, but a pleasant, showing herbal-like qualities, kind of bitterness.

Acidity slowly becomes more pronounced as the coffee cools down, providing a balancement to the bitterness. Mostly an “un-sweet” coffee, with a vague milk chocolate flavor, mixed with more noticeable cereals. A pungent, chili-like, aftertaste highlights the tasting experience. Long lasting crema.

A coffee that overall represent the opposite of being extreme: very balanced and with a taste profile that will be displeasing to no one. Perhaps only lacking in notes that could make it more memorable. Not flavor rich, it doesn’t feel well developed as a coffee.

Still, it represents a classic espresso experience for those who aren’t either fans of the darkest espressos nor the lightest, fruitest, ones.

Special Reserve Galapagos package
Special Reserve Galapagos package
Special Reserve Galapagos package 2
The different way of opening the sleeve

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