Nespresso is not raising prices…yet

While some of you might justly think that Nespresso is already on the expensive side, the company has sustained increased prices of Arabica beans (hitting the highest since 2016) and supply chain disruption without touching the average prices of the coffee across all markets. As you can read in more detail here, the company has decided to absorb the costs of the raw material, which here is coffee, instead than discharge it over the final consumer.

The important aspect of this is, so far. Nespresso hasn’t fully excluded that prices of their pods will never raise in the foreseeable future. Quite the contrary. Alfonso Gonzales Loeschen, the chief executive of Nespresso North America, specified in an interview how it will depend on how long the prices of coffee will remain at a 4 years high, and in which direction will the market go. Words that don’t seem to exclude anything.

So for the moment the base price of the Nespresso coffee will not change. For how long though, is anybody’s guess. We have all noticed how some limited edition pods were priced at record prices for a sleeve, which may have been an independent decision or the result of the market’s increased costs. Again, we can only guess. Let’s hope that the trends of these pods won’t reflect on the whole line. Not yet, at least.

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