• Nicaragua Las Marias soon available in US

    Another return from 2018, Nicaragua Las Marias was a limited edition that year and will be this year too. From 24/03 it should be available within the US market. More information can be read on the old Nespresso’s page about it. This will then be the second limited edition capsule that makes a comeback from 2018 this year. Recently the Special Reserve Galapagos was launched as well, a re-issuing of the 2018 Galapagos Santa Cruz. Whether it is not certain that Nicaragua Las Marias will have the same exact taste profile of the 2018 edition, considering that Galapagos’ blend is identical, it is highly probable it will be the same…

  • Special Reserve Galapagos

    Special Reserve Galapagos review

    Origin: fully Arabica coffee from the Galapagos islands Intensity: 7 A 2021 limited edition made of coffee exclusively from the Galapagos islands. It is a return of the 2018 Galapagos Santa Cruz limited edition. Light brown foam. Cereals and milk smell, quite sweet and with a medium intensity. Same intensity as the coffee itself. Dry and pungently roasted, with a medium/full body too, making it a very classic espresso taste profile. Nespresso roasted medium/dark to make it more similar to an european espresso experience. Mostly dry at the palate, with a distinct bitterness, not overwhelmingly so, though, but a pleasant, showing herbal-like qualities, kind of bitterness. Acidity slowly becomes more…

  • Special Reserve Galapagos available in some EU markets

    Even before Canada, as previously announced, the pricey and rare coffee from the Galapagos islands is available in a good part of European markets since today. No info whether it will be purchasable in all markets, at least within EU, nor when. As usual with Nespresso, unfortunately.

  • Peru Organic and Galapagos limited editions soon available in Canada

    Canadian readers will be happy to know that Peru Organic and Galapagos capsules will be available to purchase late this month, for both the Original and Vertuo lines. The Galapagos pod is the same as the 2018 limited edition Santa Cruz, just rebranded now as “Exclusive Edition – Santa Cruz”. Peru Organic was already available last year in a few markets, so it’s another return.