• Nespresso Indriya from India

    Indriya from India review

    Origin: a blend of Arabica and Robusta from Southern India Intensity: 10 Bitterness: 4 Acidity: 3 Body: 4 Roasting: 4 Order: Discontinued A Pure Origin capsule, now discontinued in favour of Master Origin India. Dark brown foam. A pleasurable freshly roasted aroma. Hints of nutmeg at first. Quite dry and heavy cup, with little acidity. Cocoa flavours prevail, with subtle hints of spiciness. The crema is persistent and remains thick till the end of the tasting. A bitter and strong cup overall, with a strong character.

  • Nespresso Rosabaya de Colombia

    Rosabaya de Colombia review

    Origin: 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia Intensity: 6 Order: Buy Rosabaya de Colombia capsules at Amazon A Pure Origin capsule discontinued in favour of Master Origin Colombia. Medium brown foam, nearly copper. Sweet, fruity aroma. Quite acidic, with a subdued bitterness. A medium cup, with a not very noticeable crema. At lower temperatures it’s well balanced, acidity becomes less dominant but bitterness doesn’t increase. A fruity, velvet-y, nearly wine-like cup of coffee. Easy on the palate, medium/low intensity (more a 4 than a 6 as claimed).

  • Nespresso Macaron

    Macaron review

    Origin: Arabica coffee from Central and South America Intensity: 6 Order: Buy Macaron Nespresso capsules at Amazon A Festive Limited Edition from 2018. Brown foam. Intense aroma, half of roastiness and half of almonds/macarons. The sweetness of the smell immediately identifies it as a macaron aroma. A medium bodied, dry cup, probably medium roasted as well. Possessing a distinct but not overwhelming acidity. At higher temperatures it is more acidic, while at medium ones the roastiness balances it and makes it less sweet. A cup of coffee that is much more bitter and roasty than the name and the aroma would have led to believe. Definitely a capsule that is…

  • Nespresso Dulsao do Brasil

    Dulsão do Brasil review

    Origin: Pure Bourbon coffee from southern Brazil Intensity: 4 Order: Buy Dulsão do Brasil capsules at Amazon A Pure Origin capsule now discontinued. Light brown foam. Medium intense aroma, sweet, with a good roasty component. The smell of a gentle, sweet coffee. Acidity and bitterness blend already from the first sip. Quite dry, with little aftertaste. A malty pod, with cereals dominating the taste profile. Gingerbread notes can be discerned as well. A banana-like sweet acidity underlines the cereals and malt notes. Quite a low intensity capsule. Pleasurable at the taste, without any sharp edges in flavor. A coffee lacking in complexity but also very drinkable thanks to that. Sweet,…

  • Nespresso Praline

    Praline review

    Origin: a blend of Central and Southern America Arabica coffee. Based off Livanto‘s blend. Intensity: 6 Order: discontinued A Festive Limited Edition from 2018. Light brown foam. Distinct smell of almond. Sweeter smell than the actual taste though. In the mouth results quite dry. Low acidity. Sweet notes during the tasting, more like caramel with hazelnut than almond. It belongs to the same category of the strongly flavoured blends, Ciocattino, Vanilio and Caramelito.

  • Nespresso Cafe Venezia

    Café Venezia review

    Origin: Ethiopian Arabica from the Harrar region mixed with Indian Arabica coffee. Intensity: 7 Order: discontinued A Limited Edition from 2018. Light brown foam. A slight, nutty/flowery smell. It gets closer to a cereals aroma when smelled more attentively. Very dry at taste, but overall a smooth cup. Slightly bitter. Acid. During the tasting the flavours of fruit, flowers and cereals mix together to make it an interesting experience.

  • Nespresso Nicaragua

    Nicaragua Review

    Origin: “Black Honey” processed Arabica from Nicaragua. Intensity: 5 Bitterness: 2 Acidity: 2 Body: 2 Roasting: 2 Order: Buy Nicaragua capsules at Amazon Brown foam. Sweet and malty aroma, quite pronounced. Hints of acidity can be smelled too. Light bodied, with barely any acidity at tasting. A vague sour aftertaste is noticeable, especially at high temperatures. Prevalently a bitter pod, only marginally sweet, with neither being overwhelming. Woody notes are the prevailing ones along with malty ones. Biscuits-like and a weak liquorice flavours can also be tasted. It is not overall a flavorful pod, mostly having delicate flavours that balance each other. Weak crema. A capsule that works well with…