Shanghai Lungo

Shanghai Lungo Review

  • Origin: Arabica coffee from Kenya, Indonesia and China
  • Intensity: 5
  • Roasting: 2
  • Acidity: 2
  • Bitterness: 1
  • Body: 2
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A new capsule in the World Explorations line, inspired by the coffee culture of Shanghai.

Brown foam. Very intense aroma, sweet like biscuits, and strongly roasty. Barely noticeable in the aroma are floral hints like of roses and lavender.

Acidic and dry at first, with a medium body. Initially, when the coffee is still quite hot, the acidity and dryness dominate. Roasty notes, not bitterness though, come to the fore at lower temperatures, while maintaining a vivacious acidity.

Not much intense as a whole, with a salty aftertaste. Traces of sweetness can be discerned here and there but overall it is decidedly a coffee that is more floral, dry, and roasty. Acidity, berries-like, becomes more prominent as the coffee cools down.

The roastiness covers some of the flavors, leaving to be noticed mostly the fine acidity and dryness. Very long lasting crema. It is never a strong roastiness though.

When brewed in smaller doses the character is darker and the mouthfeel creamier, replacing the more gentle qualities of this capsule. As a lungo is softer and mellow with a hint of roastiness and salty aftertaste.

A pod that can be considered gentle overall but without lacking its own, distinct, character.

Shanghai Lungo package

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