• Nespresso Advent Calendar 2023

    Nespresso Advent Calendar 2023 is slowly becoming available + content revealed!

    Both for the Vertuo and Original lines, this year’s Advent Calendar is getting released these days in a few markets. We have seen New Zealand and Germany. Probably the other main ones like Uk, France, US, and Canada will soon follow. For those who want to be spoiled with what they will find inside the Advent Calendar this holiday season, we copy the official list from Nespresso below. All the others better to navigate elsewhere and avoid the below list: For the Vertuo line, the content of 2023 Nespresso Advent Calendar are:

  • Nespresso Advent Calendar 2022 preview

    As spotted here, a series of images showing this year’s Advent Calendars from Nespresso. We use the plural because the calendar will come in three colors, crema, bordeaux, and dark blue. This year’s calendars will be a collaboration of Nespresso with Pierre Hermé, a French pastry chef and chocolatier. That matches, color-wise, the previously shared here limited editions for this holiday season: a hazelnut, a raspberry, and a generic black coffee. Considering what Pierre Hermé is, it is not unconceivable to think that the Christmas’ flavors will be heavily inspired not just by the ingredients of cakes of the French chef, but of some of his actual complete creations. We…

  • Nespresso Advent Calendar 2022 announced

    For UK only at the moment. A counter is up on the UK’s website for the actual content of this year’s calendar to be revealed on 27 September. Thus quite a bit of time to know more about what will be found inside for Christmas 2022. Nice to know that it will be revealed so soon though so those interested can plan the purchase well in advance.

  • 2021 Nespresso Advent Calendar coming soon

    Both for Vertuo and the Original Line. First in Europe this year, with US following around the second half of November. UPDATE: It should be out already in US and Canada as of today (4th of November). You can see a preview of how it will look on the UK Nespresso website, one of the first countries to have it. As per contents, it is rumored to be, for the Original line version: Venezia, Stockholm, Nicaragua, Ristretto decaf, Napoli, Vienna Linizio, Indonesia, Scuro, Roma, Firenze decaf, Vanilla Eclair, Tokyo, Hawaii Kona, India, Firenze, Columbia, Shanghai, Volluto, Cape Town, Envivo, Ristretto, Buenos Aires, Genova Livanto, Caramel Brûlée. For the Vertuo line…

  • Nespresso Advent Calendar 2020 contents

    In case anybody’s wondering what’s inside this year Advent Calendar, the content are 23 capsules, one for each day, as such: Ispirazione Genova Livanto Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Ispirazione Roma Ispirazione Napoli Ispirazione Venezia Ristretto Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar Ethiopia Colombia Cosi India Volluto Decaf Ristretto Decaf Arpeggio Envivo Fortissio Linizio Vivalto Decaf Vivalto Nicaragua Plus the new Holiday Flavours: Amaretti, Torta di Nocciole and Il Caffé. The advent calendar closes with the 24th gift, 2 pixie espresso cups. Calendar is already available in most countries (but not all).

  • Nespresso Advent Calendar 2019

    Nespresso Advent Calendar available

    In some markets, UK, Germany and a few other europeans so far, it’s possible to buy the Advent Calendar, containing 23 capsules and one “surprise”. Surprise is probably going to be a small glass or one of the small Nespresso accessories. Priced at 29€/25£ it is on the expensive side. No news if it will be available for the US market too (in the previous years it wasn’t).