• Pumpkin Spice Cake is available already

    Punctual as every year at the end of the summer, Pumpkin Spice Cake is making is re-appearance in a few markets, Canada and US included. Both for Original and Vertuo lines. Initially there was a 40 sleeves order limit but it was removed shortly after and now orders are without limits. We are sure that Pumpkin Spice Cake will soon be available in many other markets, as usual for this beloved Nespresso pod.

  • Pumpkin Spice Cake

    Pumpkin Spice Cake Review

    Light brown foam. Strong cinnamon aroma, sweet and long lasting. The cinnamon overcomes most other smells but a roasty aroma is powerful enough to be smelled too. Pumpkin is barely noticeable at the nose. A pod with a medium body, quite creamy overall, with a velvety mouthfeel. Initially rather bitter and only slightly acidic. That changes when the coffee gets lukewarm, with bitterness becoming less pronounced. Some sweetness from the pumpkin is clearly present but not too intense. Good aftertaste made of sweet and spicy notes. Pumpkin Spice Cake is definitely one of those coffee that lingers for a while on the palate. Taste profile is rich in pumpkin and…