Nespresso Indonesia

Indonesia Review

A mix of the strong aspects of the India’s capsule with a more gentle flavour coming from the island of Java. A Master Origin capsule from 2018.

Brown foam. Sweet, of very ripe, nearly fermented, fruits aroma. Fragrant, with pleasant roasty notes.

Quite dry and bitter at the first sip, with a noticeably acidic aftertaste. A medium/dark roast, probably, or a blend of both.

Lovers of thick espresso’s crema will love Indonesia: its foam is dense, with tobacco-like notes.

Medium, close to heavy, body. While at the high temperatures the bitterness dominates, at medium ones floral flavors complement the aromatic profile, making it more balanced. It remains an intense, bitter like tobacco, smoky and quite acidic, like ripe apricots, cup of coffee. A base of cereals notes pops up occasionally during the tasting experience.

Surprisingly a bland pod brewed as a lungo. It is much better as an espresso/ristretto. Overall smooth, with a definite character, plenty of bitterness for a pod that is on the darker side of the Nespresso original line’s range.

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