Nespresso Capriccio

Capriccio review

  • Origin: light roasted, high-grown Arabica coffee from South America (Brazil and Colombia).
  • Intensity: 5
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Acidity: 3
  • Body: 2
  • Roasting: 2
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Light brown foam. Pretty strong aroma, with a peculiar mix of woodiness, cereals and some spiciness. Peanuts and hazelnuts can also be discerned in the aroma.

A medium bodied cup, heavier than the smell would hint at. Dry and bitter at first, but then the bitterness gets substituted by a gentle acidity. Pineapple-like qualities acidity, with a low touch of sweetness.

Not an intense cup but very well balanced between the dryness, acidity and bitterness.

The taste profile is more cereal-leaning than woody. No notes are overwhelming, confirming the general balance of flavors and aromatics. Undernotes of spices, especially black pepper, can be noticed, mostly at the tip of the tongue and in the aftertaste.

Not a super-flavorful capsule overall, just quite balanced.

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