Nespresso Capriccio

Capriccio Review

  • Origin: light roasted, high-grown Arabica coffee from South America (Brazil and Colombia).
  • Intensity: 5
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Acidity: 3
  • Body: 2
  • Roasting: 2

Light brown foam. Intensely spicy and woody aroma, with a base of cereals. Peanuts and a vague pear-like scent can be discerned as well.

A medium bodied cup. Dry and quite more acidic at first taste than the aroma would have suggested. Bitterness initially stays mostly in the aftertaste, generally covered by a pear/pineapple-like acidity and a rising spiciness as the coffee cools down. A touch of sweetness, probably coming from the high-grown Arabica beans, lightly roasted.

At medium temperatures it is a well balanced cup, with dryness, acidity and bitterness balancing each other. Only the constant spiciness is more prominent but not dominant.

The taste profile is woody and slightly peppery, with a density of the coffee that reminds of a thick sauce. Spices and fruity acidity mix and blend in the mouth while drinking, with a prevalence of these qualities at the tip of the tongue and in the aftertaste.

A medium intensity capsule, quite a more flavorful blend of coffee than advertised. It is nearly throughout the tasting process a balanced cup, never bland, always a rich and subtle experience. A pod with quite a bit of character.

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