Rio De Janeiro Espresso

Rio de Janeiro Espresso Review

  • Origin: 100% Brazilian Arabica
  • Intensity: 9
  • Body: 4
  • Roasting: 1
  • Acidity: 4
  • Bitterness: 4

A limited edition pod inspired by the coffee culture of Rio de Janeiro. Another capsule belonging to the World Explorations line.

Light brown foam. Intense aroma of roasted coffee, walnuts and a bit of cocoa. Some light sweetness can be discerned.

At the taste it is heavy-boded, with the bitterness prevailing over a gentle sweetness and a touch of acidity. Dry aftertaste. The bitterness has the feeling of enveloping the palate, totally, for a fair amount of time.

The taste profile is dominated by hazelnuts and walnuts flavors, with accompanying herbal qualities. It is a pod that can be described as an herbal tea mixed with a strongly roasted, typically Brazilian, coffee. Definitely the latter component is dominating but doesn’t cancel the herbal tea aspect.

Long lasting crema. Unlike Cafezinho do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro Espresso doesn’t show such a strong intensity, nor is as flavorful. It is a more moderate cup of coffee, where the intensity and flavors are mellower and developing over time rather than immediately noticeable. Yet a very much brazilian pod.

Rio de Janeiro Espresso package
Rio de Janeiro Espresso package

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