• Nespresso compostable pods available in France

    As announced last year, the partially new line of compostable pods from Nespresso is out on the french market. The line is exactly how we gained info about earlier, made of the repackaged Peru Organic and three new pods: Ispirazione Sicilia, Ispirazione Emilia, and Ispirazione Aosta. Hopefully these will be slowly making their appearance in other markets before the end of the year.

  • Fresh info about the Nespresso compostable pods

    A bit more information on these new pods comes from the French website, where a page was launched to promote them. A few interesting facts are stated: Besides these technical info, another news is that there are new pods too. The Nespresso compostable pods line will offer the already seen Peru Organic, and 3 new pods: Ispirazione Aosta, Ispirazione Sicilia, and Ispirazione Emilia. Probably they will end up in the Ispirazione Italiana line as their names are all inspired by locations in Italy. Not as famous ones as the existing ones, at least in coffee culture. All of these new pods are of medium intensity, with the highest one being…

  • Peru Organic

    Peru Organic Review

    Light brown foam. Lightly roasted aroma, nutty mainly, with fruity undertones. At the taste is a pod of medium intensity and body, but quite creamy. Not much of an aftertaste. Lots of acidity, while no sweetness and little bitterness. Especially when hot the acidity is much over the bitterness. It is not a prominent type of acidity though, more subdued but well present nonetheless. A capsule with an acidity like white fruits, like pears and apples, rather than berries or citruses. Some notes of cereals and tobacco make up the rest of the taste profile. With a long-lasting crema, it is a creamy and acidic coffee, easy to enjoy. Peru…

  • A rumoured list of Limited Edition pods for 2022

    There are rumours circulating in the web about the Limited Edition capsules that Nespresso is going to release this 2022. Often those rumours turn out to be true in our experience so it is worth to publish them. Obviously take them as just rumours and nothing officially confirmed, because that’s what they are. The limited edition pods for 2022 are rumoured to be: Cafecito de Puerto Rico Esperanza De Colombia La Cumplida Refinada Tamuka mu Zimbabwe Myanmar Pyeehma Brasil Bio Special Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain Kahawa Ya Congo Aged Sumatra Papua New Guinea Amaha Awe Uganda Peru Organic Cafecito De Cuba Paris Black The list is not chronological, nor we…

  • Peru Organic and Galapagos limited editions soon available in Canada

    Canadian readers will be happy to know that Peru Organic and Galapagos capsules will be available to purchase late this month, for both the Original and Vertuo lines. The Galapagos pod is the same as the 2018 limited edition Santa Cruz, just rebranded now as “Exclusive Edition – Santa Cruz”. Peru Organic was already available last year in a few markets, so it’s another return.

  • Peru Organic available soon

    The Peru Organic capsule, which has been available for the Vertuo professional line for some time, should become an Original line capsule soon, distributed in most markets. Obviously no precise date but “soon” should mean this November in this case.