Alfredo Espresso Caffe Lungo

Alfredo Espresso Caffè Lungo

  • Roastiness: 4
  • Aroma: 4
  • Body: 3,5

Light brown foam. A coffee with a delicately roasted aroma, quite sweet.

At the taste it is mainly a mix of bitterness and sweetness. A dark roast, with a thick body but that never feels heavy. Dry, and even drier at lower temperatures. Some light acidity is present, like of a not too sweet cantaloupe.

A coffee pod that is primarily bitter and sweet though, with predominant flavors of bell pepper, black pepper, and vague woodiness. The latter completes well the melon-like acidity and sweetness that underline the whole taste profile.

Long lasting crema. A pod of medium intensity, suggested to be drank as a lungo. It works well as a latte or a cappuccino, and keeps its worth as a mid-morning espresso too.

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