Lavazza Dek

Lavazza Dek Review

  • Origin: Arabica and Robusta from South America and South Asia
  • Intensity: 7/13

The decaffeinate entry in the Lavazza Nespresso compatible pods line.

Brown foam. Moderate aroma, with hints of dried fruits, mixed with the more typical roasted coffee smell.

Of medium-heavy body, clearly a very dark roasted coffee chosen for this pod. The Robusta part is not particularly noticeable.

Predominantly bitter, slightly dry at the palate. Lingering aftertaste, quite strong. Most of the taste profile is made of the dried fruits and licorice flavors, with nothing in terms of acidity and only minor hints of sweetness.

Behind it all, typical cocoa notes blend with peppery ones, especially in the strong aftertaste. This is particularly powerful and dark, bordering the ashy.

Weak crema. A coffee of elevate intensity, appropriate to drink with large amounts of milk or sweeteners. A strong coffee, without the caffeine, for lovers of dark roasted pods that want a decaf that does not lose much of its original intensity.

Lavazza Dek package
Lavazza Dek package

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