Esperanza de Colombia

Esperanza de Colombia Review

A limited edition pod of the Reviving Origins line.

Light brown foam. Intensely sweet aroma, highly fruity, hinting at red berries and ripe apples.

Dry and mostly acidic at the first sip, but not overtly either. Feels balanced from the very beginning.

Light-medium bodied, with a foamy crema. Sweetness and a bit of bitterness can be noticed too, with the former contributing much to the fruity taste. At lower temperatures some roastiness comes afore, making Esperanza de Colombia a well balanced pod.

The acidity gradually subsides as the coffee cools down. The low intensity of this capsule doesn’t help in sustaining all the flavors that can then become murky.

Apples, mostly, and a hint of cereals are the main ones. Neither being particularly strong, keeping with the balanced theme of this pod. Little to no aftertaste, persisting crema.

An overall very mild coffee, that works better as a gentle lungo rather than as an espresso. A slow to drink, balanced coffee, acidic and fruity but in a moderate way.

Esperanza de Colombia package
Esperanza de Colombia package

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