Rebranding of some capsules

According to various sources (Nespresso UK website and the newsletter), there will be a rebranding of some original line capsules and a welcome return. In short:

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  • Chris


    I agree, it’s not just a rebrand, but a new flavour, that in my opinion is not as smooth and tasty as the original ‘Arpeggio’

  • Stephan


    I agree with the above comments, i believe kazaar has a completely different flavor profile and lost most of its taste.

    • Frederick Ford

      Frederick Ford

      I reserved a sleeve of the original Kazaar and did a side by side comparison this morning. The two versions are not the same flavour. The original Kazaar is stronger, with a more distinctive taste. The new Kazaar is not as special, more incipit.

      • Larry Evans

        Larry Evans

        Agree, did side by side tests and the original was, well the original and the new Kazaar left a nasty aftertaste

  • Emm


    The new Arpeggio and ristretto has changed flavour. It’s not as smooth or rounded. The flavour is weak, the crema is pale and it has no body. Please Oh please bring back the old flavours. It was not broken so why fix it. I depended on this coffee to get me through my day especially now in these times ( I work for the NHS)

    • Nespresso Guide

      Nespresso Guide

      I’m sorry Emm about your pain. Arpeggio is one of the long time favourite of many since decades and it’s indeed baffling that Nespresso changed it. Probably it was a stock/cost issue that led them to modify the flavour of this beloved capsule.

  • Amber


    I agree. Unfortuntely Arpeggio has a totally different taste. I tried Ispirazione Napoli and really regret it… One of the worst coffees I ever had. I also bought a box of Ispirazione Roma… I hope it doesn’t disappoint us. And I can’t believe that they stopped producing Dharkan… Instead of changing the flavors because of cost issues the could have decreased the number of choices and keep the old tastes… Such a shame…

    • Nespresso Guide

      Nespresso Guide

      You’re not the first suggesting a decrease in the number of choices but keeping Dharkan and the old flavours. I guess it is never implemented as it would require customers to limit themselves too (multiple accounts, changing IP address and other tricks) so not to order above the limit.

      • Amber


        I agree, thank you for the reply. I also wrote to Nespresso about my thoughts. I really love the brand and hope the consumers’ thoughts matter to them. Have a great day

  • K Ellis

    K Ellis

    I am so disappointed in the change of Kazaar it’s not just a name change the flavor tastes burnt and not nice at all. I have just purchased 10 sleeves and hate the taste.

  • G Dulac

    G Dulac

    Totally agree with the Arpeggio comments.
    Such a shame.
    Any comments from Nespresso and/or news if they’re bringing back the old one?

    • Nespresso Guide

      Nespresso Guide

      It’s highly improbable they old Arpeggio will be back, along with the other old capsules. Admittedly there has been some negative reception of the new Arpeggio but nothing that should worry Nespresso enough to think of reintroducing the old blend.

      Nothing officially said or denied, though.

  • Kathryn


    I have been tasting all of the new flavours in desperation to find one I like. We have had a Nespresso machine for many years now, probably on about our third, we even bought a small one to take on holidays with us. None of the coffees are the same. I was instant messaging last week with a Nespresso employee who was trying to tell me they haven’t changed. Well I have been drinking it for years and loving it, now can’t find one I like enough to bother buying it anymore. Looks like may have to change the brand altogether!

  • Robert


    I was absolutely disappointed with the tastes of all the new Kazan and Arpeggio and now considering ditching my Nespresso machine for a barista style coffeemaker.

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